2012-11-08 / Community

Hospice month recognized

MANISTIQUE – North Woods Home Care and Hospice is celebrating November as National Home Care and Hospice month.

“I certainly think it’s appropriate that we take a few minutes of our day to celebrate the nurses, therapists, aides and other providers who have chosen to use their lives to help infirm, disabled and dying members of their community,” said Lynn MacGregor, administrator at North Woods. “It is a special calling to which very special people dedicate their hearts and lives.”

Home care allows an increasingly elderly population the opportunity for freedom and quality of life. It comprises everything from nursing to physical/occupational/ speech therapies to aides that can help with anything from chores to bathing and personal care.

“Home care is the preferred form of health care for most people as they go through their lives. Even when the end is near, both patients and their families appreciate the love and care which is so graciously given by the angels of hospice,” said Caleb Varoni, manager of quality and community outreach and member of North Woods Hospice Interdisciplinary Team. “I don’t have to sing the praises of the people that care for our friends and families, their caring and compassion sing a loud enough song to be heard all over our community.”

For more information, contact North Woods at (800) 852- 3736 or 341-6963 or visit www.northwoodshomecare.com.

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