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Senior Center

I know we don’t want to see summer end, but it is happening fast. Due to this we have started planning our Annual Christmas Party allowing you time to get it on your calendar, as we know how busy December can be.

We have set the date for Thurday, Dec. 13. Once again the tickets will be $9 per person. We will start the evening out with social hour from 2-4 p.m. This will also be the time you will get the chance to get your pictures taken with “Santa.” My how they love Santa! Lori Wood has agreed to be the photographer once again.

Beginning at 4 p.m. we will be put into the Christmas spirit with the entertainment of Darrell Dixson. We have invited him back due to popular demand. Darrell will be followed by a gift exchange (optional) at 5 p.m. If you want to be included in the exchange we are asking you to purchase a $5 gift. Ladies buy for a lady and men for a man. Please mark this on your package, along with who it is from. This allows those who want to say “thank you” a chance to do so.

Dinner will be served at approximately 5:30 p.m. The caterer is Bonnie Hokenson who has given the Center a great price. The dinner will consist of glazed ham, Swiss steak with real mashed potatoes, caramelized carrots and dinner rolls and butter.

Now for the favorite part, dessert will consist of your choice of either a pumpkin bar with frosting or a slice of cheesecake.

We do plan on having our Horsd’oeuvres during social hour. If you have a favorite snack you would like to share please do so. Door prizes and raffles will follow the dinner.

Several have been asking when we are planning our next craft show and bake sale. Cathy Wise has decided not to head this project this year. We are looking for someone to spear head it for next year. We have commitments from a few girls who are willing to work, but don’t want to be the “head.” If you would like to be added to this group for next year, give us a call at 341- 5923.

For those of you who are looking for that special homemade gift. I encourage you to drop by the First Baptist Church on Saturday, Nov. 3, and check out their tables. They will have all kinds of crafts and baked goodies from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Keep in mind we also have a nice selection of handmade items in our gift shop. We have everything from homemade quilts, dish cloths, baby items to warm crocheted hats and mittens, all at a very reasonable price.

Do you have a friend or family member that has a hard time seeing? Great Lakes Talking Books Advisory and Outreach Center has audio and Braille books available to those who are unable to read standard printed materials as a result of blindness, visual disability or physical limitations. All you have to do is fill out the applications, start receiving them and when you return one you will be sent another. You might want to mention your favorite author on the application.

You still have time to join the Diabetes Workshop which is meeting at the Center every Wednesday morning, from 9-11:30 a.m. through Nov. 28. Two trained leaders will provide you with the information to face the daily challenge of living with diabetes. Call the Center at 341-5923 for further information.

Have you seen the girls out and about selling raffle tickets? Imagine the surprise of receiving a handmade quilt donation by Carol Anderson which fits a queen size bed. It is absolutely beautiful and we wanted to make sure it became one of our larger fundraisers. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, drop by the office.

Other donations we received and are also being raffled, where the Center makes 100 percent as fundraisers, include:

• Two handmade jewelry boxes given by Mary Burns from her late husband

• Two “Deer” pillows Jan King worked hard on

• Two wooden Jesus pictures made by Cliff Dyer who has shared his talent

• Hoholik’s Ace gave a cutlery set

• Design on a Tee and Superior State Agency has once again given us a blanket throw

We sincerely wish to thank each and every one of you for your generosity towards the Center. Tickets are $1 each or six for $5.

We are still looking for volunteer transportation drivers to run the elderly to long-distance medical appointments. Appointments can be to specialists or eye doctors, out of town such as Escanaba, Marquette, etc. If you have a passion and desire to help others this is our number one service which is used at the Center.

To become a volunteer, drop by the Center to pick up the necessary forms to be completed. Once they are filled out, we will need a copy of your driver’s license along with proof of insurance. If your criminal check and driving record comes back ok you will be called on an as needed basis, whereas you will receive mileage at a rate of 0.55.5 per mile. What better way to give to your community!

Family, family, family! During a recent loss of a wonderful relative (Darlene Welch), I got to chatting with Gordon Smith from down state. It is nice to know those down state read my column “faithfully”. It was great seeing you all!

A great big thank you goes out to Norma Johnson for the generous donation of handmade hats with the Center receiving “all” profits. What a variety!

Medical equipment was given to our Medical Loan Closet by Bonnie Garvin and Rex Slingsby. Military packages received a donation from Mary Nelli and Pat Ann Weber. An anonymous donation was received from our very “faithful” friend to go towards the mailing of the packages.

Miscellaneous donations were given by the Duquettes and Lori Wood.

A monetary donation has been received at the Center in memory of:

• Darlene Welch from Dolores Gould

A Maintenance and Support Donation was received from Norma Johnson.

BRIDGE Oct. 2: 1st-Joyce LaTulip, 2nd-Audrey Savoie, 3rd-George Lowman, 4th-Eileen St. Onge, 5th- Lois Bellville, CFC-Bibi Duquette. Hostess, Sarah Bignall served spice cake and candy.

BRIDGE Oct. 26: 1st-Larry Savoie, 2nd-George Lowman, 3rd- Lois Bellville, 4th-Audrey Savoie, 5th-Betty Stewart, CFC-Doris De- Mars. Hostess, Eris Webb served sliced apples, cookies, candy and popcorn.

PINOCHLE Oct. 24: 1st-Carol, 2nd-Carol Shampine, 3rd-Geri Henkle, Should’a Stayed Home-Arlene Demers.

500 Oct. 26th: 1st-Jackie Villemure, 2nd-Sheila Haskins, 3rd- Cathy Wise, Should’a Stayed Home- Perry Wise.

Birthdays this week: Nov. 2-Mary Jo Sablack, Nov. 3-Alice Lewis and Kristin Anderson, Nov. 4-Karen Klaus, Nov. 5-John Potvin (100 years) Nov. 7-Shirley Becks. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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