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Shirley Stoken Mallock

Shirley Mallock Shirley Mallock Shirley Stoken Mallock left us on Monday, Sept. 17, 2012.

She was born May 8, 1930, to Joseph and Mary Stoken in Manistique, Mich. She was the youngest of many children and remained loyal to the many friends and family from home throughout her life. She met and married a tall handsome man, James Mallock, when she had just graduated High School. They began a life together that took them from the U.P. to Panama, to Illinois, to Florida and on to Japan and many other places. They eventually settled in Vacaville, Calif., where they stayed until retirement and death. Jim passed away after 49 years of marriage, in 1998.

Along the way they had a daughter, Kim, in Florida. The three of them were a compact family. They visited Michigan and Hawaii and many places where they had life long friends, that became family. Shirley worked her entire professional career in Civil Service. She retired in 1985 with the highest acknowledgment for a Civil Servant. She and Jim enjoyed yearly trips to Hawaii, following their retirement, where they spent time with friends from Manistique and many other places.

FluShirleyShotwas Clinica gracious 2012:lady withLayout style and class. She enjoyed the game of and the pursuit to active with golf probably kept her going a number of years. She was an avid needle point artist and has many “masterpieces”, she would love to share.

As classy as she was, she was equally modest.

One day in August, she said she wanted no service when her time of death would come. Although the service is not for the dead, her wishes are honored. Shirley Mallock died with the dignity she lived her life by. Family was with her and after a very long and valiant struggle she went to be with God and Jim.

Shirley Mallock is survived by her only daughter, Kim Mallock- Hutsell, son in law Glenn Hutsell and grandson (apple of her eye) Chance James Hutsell, of Modestao, Calif. She also has extended family, including grand children and great grandchildren that will miss her dearly. She is also survived by many nephews, nieces from Manistique that she loved.

The family has received many prayer cards for Shirley and very much appreciate them. The family would like to thank each and every person for calls, cards and thoughts. For those that have shared the stories from1 9/Shirley’s17/2012childhood,3:11 PMa very special thank you.

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