2012-10-11 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, I ran a survey of one (me) and backed it up with an equal survey of one (Wifee) and we conclude that it is just too early in the year for the type weather we are having. Somehow we came to the conclusion that this type weather is at least a month too early. But as my boy always told me, “Ready or not dad here it comes!” so here it is.

I kind of feel sorry for all the people and organizations that planned their yearly color tour for the next weekend or so. Now in a lot of areas 80-90 percent of the leaves are on the ground. You may see some color yet in a few areas but you will have to look for them. In a normal fall color season this time of the month would have been a good choice, but not this year.

And to make this month even more interesting is the fact that the next 10 day forecast calls for the same type wet-cold weather.

With this type weather some of the two-track roads have been worked over rather well. The mud holes on these roads that were all dried a month ago are now back in their normal fall conditions. This means they are no longer twowheel drive roads but have become four-wheel drive roads this month.

There are a few bow hunters out there and a few have had some good success. If some of them are sitting out in this weather they had better have their wet suit on. They had better also pick a good strong tree and tie themselves in it well.

I figured the first of the week to give a bear one last chance to make my bear hunt successful so I went out and sat for one last time. At the stand I was sitting in a ladder stand against a big hemlock tree. As I sat up there I noticed the big white pine tree across from me was whipping back and forth in the wind. At times I also thought I was riding the waves out on the big lake in a real small boat.

A number of times the thought passed through my mind just what to do if I should suddenly hear this big hemlock tree I was sitting in start to crack in the wind. My first plan was to figure out how to safely exit my stand and this tree as quickly as possible. Then a second thought passed through my mind to just enjoy the evening because there was really nothing you could do in time if the hemlock should uproot and start falling. So I just sat back and enjoyed the evening even though I never saw anything.

In all the wind this week a lot of trees came down so if you are going to your hunting stand back on a two-track you may want to have a chain saw with you. Of course if you are hunting on federal land you could get in trouble for cutting up even a downed tree. But if you do cut it so you can get through make sure you do not cut it into firewood unless you have a firewood permit.

It seems there is a lot more turkey around this year and as I have said before it has always amazed me the difference in sizes of the chicks from this year’s hatch out in the woods. You have some about the size of a partridge and others almost as big as mom. If this early wet-cold weather keeps up it would be interesting how many of these small chicks make it.

I guess we hunters are the last chance for the gas stations to get their pound of flesh this year. One thing you have to admit with the price of gas the art of road hunting has become a lost art. These prices also will hurt those trappers that will be hitting the woods in a week or so.

In truth the high gas prices hurt the older hunters the most. It is those that can no longer do a lot of walking but still like to take a ride out in the woods and hope to see a bird. Or those old time trappers that still have a love for this sport and want to enjoy it as long as they can.

These high gas prices hurt these old timers the hardest because a lot of them are on a small fixed income and everything seems to be going up in price. It is not hard to figure when you stop and think that most sportsmen drive a pickup truck and if you need a fill-up you may have enough left for a cup of coffee out of a $100 bill.

Some things you just cannot do anything about so you just may as well get out there and do what you enjoy while you still can and cut back somewhere else.

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