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Sheriff’S newS and noteS

Editor’s note: The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department makes weekly submissions, reporting news and activities from the office. Activities are generally broken down into those occurring in the jail and those in individual townships. Other information may include jail information, such as the number of bookings and average jail population. Not all activities are reported.

Oct. 1 – 7, 2012


During the reporting period the average daily population was 25.42 inmates. During the period, the highest count was 27, with the lowest being 24 inmates. There were five inmates booked into jail, while five were released. Of those booked into jail, three were male and two females; four were charged with felonies; two were charged with misdemeanors, and none were jailed for alcohol-related offenses. Currently there are 22 inmates housed in the jail, three of which are female.


Oct. 4: A deputy was slightly injured when an inmate became irate while being booked. The deputy’s hand was injured placing the inmate back into the holding cell.


Oct. 2: The sheriff arrested a parole violator and brought the suspect to jail for booking. Oct. 3: Negaunee Regional Dispatch sent the sheriff and a deputy to a house on County Road 440 for a neighbor dispute. The suspect pushed the deputy and attempted to leave the area during questioning. The suspect was subdued with the use of pepper spray and taken into custody.

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Any questions or comments can be directed to Sheriff Grant Harris at sheriff@schoolcraftcounty.net or 341-2122.

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