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Costume Capers

Lois A. Corcoran Lois A. Corcoran “Give me a hug! I love you, man!” said the guy, who in fact was a total stranger. The object of his affection was my teenage son – or, more accurately, the Master Chief character he depicted for trick-or-treat last year.

Inspired by the computer game, Halo, we spent weeks creating the costume, which consisted mainly of cardboard and miles of duct tape. While out in public one day, my husband Dan asked me about our progress.

“Kelly’s working on his assault rifle,” I replied matter-of-factly, which must have earned some strange looks.

But it was well worth the effort, given the reactions my Number One Son received. One gal even stopped to snap his picture. “I’ve gotta show this to my boyfriend!” she said.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because it gives me a license to make costumes, a serious passion of mine.

One year Kell and I canvassed Vinny’s for clothes similar to the uniform of a well-known delivery service. Then we filled a parcel with items that clank when shook, added a bogus address label, and stomped on the box to make it look good and damaged.

“I hope that’s not the package I’ve been waiting for,” said a lady who gave him a treat anyway.

Each of the aforementioned disguises earned better reactions than the year he imitated Harry Potter. Happily, he strode up to a house wearing his “Hogwarts robe,” which took the form of a black graduation gown. But his ego took a nose dive when the resident asked, “Are you a judge?”

The year he dressed as Hobbes caused mistaken identity, too. I took great pains to make him look like the stuffed tiger from the Calvin NOTICEand HobbesOF PUBLICcomicHEARING:strip. LayoutBut when he padded up to a door, someone yelled, “Hey, it’s Tigger!”

“No,” argued another resident, “It’s Tony!”

Um, not exactly.

No one had a chance to guess his I.D. a decade ago. A big fan of Magic School Bus books, Kelly was all of six years old when he whipped up a Dorothy Ann costume himself. Proud of his accomplishment, he modeled it for his dad, who blew a gasket.

“He’s not leaving the house in that get-up!” Dan bellowed.

But masculinity is no longer in question, as evidenced by Master Chief. 1 I 10/can9/only2012guess11:18what’sAM comingPage 1 next.

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