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Just for the "Well" of it

Is there an APP for emotional wellness?

Since when are we too busy to even read a full sentence? I’m not only talking about the strange abbreviations we use while texting (OMG ur my BFF!) but also the confusing abbreviated versions of every disease out there (RA, IBS, PAD), abbreviated names for vehicles (SUV, XLT, RX-7) and the daily use of words like “convo” (meaning conversation).

We’re lazy and becoming more so by the minute! We have become too lazy to spell things correctly, read anything that takes longer than 30 seconds, and even try to learn anything new because it takes too long or it’s too difficult. This is what I call the “dumbing down” of America. We need signs with little pictures on them to show us which bathroom to use, where to park, where to throw our trash, and most asinine of all…where to “click” to instantly get connected to Facebook, Twitter, or any number of time-wasting social sites that offer very little intellectually.

Turn on your TV at any given time during the day and what will you find? Hundreds of shopping channels, reality shows and very little else which will enhance your mind power. The “reality” shows are anything but real, anything but educational, and generally quite offensive.

In reality, who cares about Rap- A-Holic and Sexy Butt Barbie’s wedding plans, the number of wives Billy Joe Bob has, how many children people have, how tall they are, what they buy from storage units, what their weird obsessions are, whether or not they can dance, how many coupons they can collect, how much junk they can stash in their homes, or how they got away with scamming other people out of millions of dollars.

Sure, some of us may find some of this entertaining, but in general, I think the TV Guide speaks volumes regarding the “dumbing down” of America. We are being bombarded with stupidity! There are some great programs out there, but the unnecessary nonsense that fills the airwaves with useless garbage makes it difficult to find something that is entertaining for anyone with more than an eighth grade education.

The “how to kill your spouse channels” are the worst. They go into great detail on how people plan murders, how they prepare, how they actually do it, and how they cover it up.

TMI (too much information) if you ask me. There are nuts out there watching these programs, taking notes, and learning from others mistakes. I think it’s pretty dangerous and certainly not the kind of learning that I had in mind when I started this column!

Whatever happened to reading? Why do we need icons or little pictures to explain everything to us? How many adults out there can’t read? How many kids out there know lots of useless abbreviations but can’t even spell the word abbreviation? It’s pretty scary to think that our children and grandchildren are being raised on shortened up versions of everything, tiny pictures telling them what to do, and lots of mind numbing trash on TV that is teaching them what?

Out intellectual wellness is headed for the toilet if we keep this up. Let’s all try to read more, play games that challenge our minds, do puzzles, or try learning a new skill.

Your intellectual skills are strengthened by teaching new things to others which will also benefit your social, emotional, and occupational Wellness. You can enhance your physical and financial wellness by turning off the TV, getting off the couch, and going to the mall if you really need something, rather than clicking add-to-cart while watching infomercials or shopping channels.

Let’s try it! While surfing the guide tonight, read the descriptions of the programs and pick something that you might actually learn something from, rather than some “celebrity” nonsense, or watching those same old Seinfeld reruns.

Bet ya learn something! TTYL!

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You can reach Cathy Kaltz, Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist, at (906) 286-0985.

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