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Letters to the Ediitor

Dear Editor,

It is that time of year when we are gearing up for MEAP testing. In the Manistique Middle/High School, students in grades six through nine will be tested. The testing window is from Tuesday, Oct. 9 to the 17. It is very important that your child performs to the best of his/her ability on these standardized tests. Important aspects of our school functions such as the length of the school year, state aid and school rankings depend upon the outcomes of these tests.

A good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast go a long way to improving testing performance. We have been working hard in the classrooms in preparation of this important process, and we need your support at home. If you have any questions about the MEAP test please feel free to call me at the Manistique Middle/High School office.

Yours in education,

John Shiner principal MAS

Dear Editor,

I have been an employee of Schoolcraft County since 1993. It has been a great place to work. Each year, all of the county offices have to abide by a budget set forth by the board of commissioners. For the most part, all of the offices do comply with the money that they are given for the year and do not spend past that amount. However, there is one department that has consistently gone beyond what they are allowed to spend for the year. The sheriff’s department under the direction of Grant Harris, has spent more than they have been given for the past three years. Naturally, there are unforeseen things that arise throughout the year, but the rest of the departments in the county seem to have awareness and are conscious of their responsibility to stay within their budget. Why does the sheriff have a problem understanding that concept? Even now, after the county board has denied the road patrol grant, the sheriff’s department is out in the county doing road patrol and giving out tickets.

I have three sons in law enforcement so that profession is near and dear to my heart, but we cannot run our household without having a budget and living within a certain amount. I would encourage you as citizens of Schoolcraft County to be aware of what is going on so you can make a wise choice for our county on Nov. 6.

Jan Varoni


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