2012-10-04 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, I am typing this real softly so we can hope it was someone’s weak moment but they are using that word that its way to early to use, “possibly snow” for this week-end. I don’t think those using the word snow realize it’s only the first of October. Can’t we put it off for a month or so?

In all the time I have been in this area I cannot recall it ever being so dry out in the woods. There are lakes that are dried right up that I have never observed dry before. There are creeks and small rivers with only water in some of the deeper holes. Some beaver ponds have very little or almost no water in them. We need a lot of moisture to bring these places back to nor-mal.

I have to wonder from what I have seen how long it will be before some people start having problems with their wells.

You also have to wonder how it affects the wildlife when the water is either so low or completely dried up. You take beaver for example they need the water deep enough for protection and to have a good food supply for the winter. Also you have an issue where a lot of wildlife has to move to another area where water is available. They need water.

It will be interesting to see how much moisture we get this fall and during the winter. In order to make up for what we have not received and bring things back to normal we may need a boat tied to the house or an extra can of gas or two for the snowblower.

Now that bow season for deer is open there are those out trying their luck or at least scouting out some areas. I think one of the best places to put up your tri-pod stand is overlooking the sugar beet pile at Linda’s Bread Box. I have seen as many deer sneaking a lunch there as anywhere.

From the stories going around there are some nice bucks out there this year so needless to say there are some excited bow hunters out there. What is it that makes a Yooper’s blood move when deer season rolls around? But hopefully there will be some happy hunters as deer season moves along.

I have observed a few pats so far this season and I am glad to report that as far as I know they are all alive and well. Sometimes that “over the hill factor” just over-comes one’s ability.

I do have one grandfather’s problem though and that is I have two young grandsons who are just old enough to start hunting and I am one shotgun short. Maybe be-cause my dad always did I always like to start a young hunter out with a single shot shotgun. We have one single shot 20ga and would like to find another one. If you know of a good used single shot 20ga let me know, please.

I said last week that now is the best time to see the color out in the woods. Already in some areas the ground is covered with fallen leaves, but there is still excellent color out there to enjoy. Of course if we were to get snow and wind over the weekend a lot of them will come down.

As you know a lot of hunters use trail cameras in this day and age. It is amazing what will show up on a trail camera. I had a bear bait out and it was being worked real good as we waited for the opening of our hunt. But low and behold what shows up on my trail camera but two Forest Service personnel that walked right up and around my bait. That was the end of bear activity when all that strange scent turned up.

At still another bait we had some great pictures of a mature eagle landing by this bait and walking around. We had a number of great pictures of this eagle as he checked out the area. If you love the great outdoors you have to love pictures of something like this.

Still another time we had a camera all of a sudden show a dog at one of our baits and then there were two dogs. Then from a way that nobody ever comes from in walks a hunter who all of a sudden realizes that this is a person’s bear bait! You then see him look at the camera and give one of those sheepish looks and give a hand motion that says, “I’m sorry” and heads out.

These are two all together different cases where in one case some people walk right up to a hunter’s bait that they know is there and mess up his hunting. In the other case the hunter comes upon a hunter’s bear bait completely by accident and is sorry that this hap-pened.

But I do not have a bear to show for my efforts, but I do have some great pictures to enjoy of what could have been, only if it was meant to be.

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