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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

What happens when one man’s dream and reality collide?

A short time ago I wrote of my (recent apparently glass and glitter) lifetime’s dream. It really wasn’t all that difficult.

I have been battling not only a life ending disease for years, but one accompied by intense 24/7 hours pain. Getting back to my dream, and its simplicity. With eighteen or so months remaining on the timer, I wished only to return to my “hometown”, and live out my life among the many from my youth.

I’ll keep this short. I am apparently one of those people that believe that nothing is impossible. Do you know what is impossible? It is fighting for life so hard that I got involved in procedures used in many countries but the treatment was not approved by the all powerful F.D.A.! Pssst! If you undergo non approved treatment, guess how much your insurance pays? Zip, squat, nada!

Of course I knew this going in to the treatment, but I was going to see recovery. I knew his. I ate, drank, slept, and believed it to my soul Money? Opps! Gone! I couldn’t need that much. Rent a small apartment, dig up some old furniture, an old car, etc.

Reality – The sound is deafening!

Should any of my beloved Stiquers find them in a similar situation; fight! It is your life your world: Oh yes, btw – put that ... cig out!

With love and respect,

Alec Moffat

Phoenix, Ariz.

Dear Editor,

In response to Jude Collins Letter to the Editor Sept. 21, 2012.

Jan. 2007 to Dec. 2010, four years, the last two with G.W. Bush and first two with Barack Hussein Obama, the House and the Senate was held by the Democrats. Since then, the House has been held by the Republicans and the Senate by the Democrats. Going back to the four years held by the Democrats. Who is to blame for all the problems in our great country?

While Obama was a Senator the following are a few things he voted for and a few he voted against. I did not invent these; anyone can find them on the Senate website, look for who voted for what.

As you will read, Obama voted for a lot of money spending. He also voted against some things near and dear to America’s heart. So Jude if you and Obama are looking to blame someone for the deficit and spending, he should look in a mirror.

Things Obama voted for as a Senator.

To restore full funding for the international affairs budget, in support of the reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, nuclear nonproliferation, foreign assistance, fighting global AIDS, promoting sustainable development, and other efforts, with an offset.

To create a reserve fund to ensure that federal assistance does not go to sanctuary cities that ignore the immigration laws of the United States and create safe havens for illegal aliens and potential terrorists.

To provide funds for a Commission on Budgetary Accountability and Review of Federal Agencies.

Temporary Tax Relief Act of 2007.

To provide funding for the Underground Railroad Educational and Cultural Program.

To extended the Bush tax cuts.

To provide $124.2 billion primarily for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thing Obama voted against.

To pay down the federal debt and eliminate government waste by reducing spending 5 percent on programs rated (as mandated under the Government Performance and Results Act (Public Law 103- 62)) ineffective by the Office of Management and Budget Program Assessment Rating Tool.

To provide for a deficit-neutral reserve fund for Social Security reform.

To put children ahead of millionaires and billionaires by restoring the pre-2001 top income tax rate for people earning over $1 million, and use this revenue to invest in LIHEAP; IDEA; Head Start; Child Care; nutrition; school construction and deficit reduction.

To protect families, family farms and small businesses by extending the income tax rate structure, raising the death tax exemption to $5 million and reducing the maximum death tax rate to no more than 35 percent; to keep education affordable by extending the college tuition deduction; and to protect senior citizens from higher taxes on their retirement income, maintain U.S. financial market competitiveness, and promote economic growth by extending the lower tax rates on dividends and capital gains.

To allow tribal members to make their own health care choices.

To improve women’s access to health care services in rural areas and provide improved medical care by reducing the excessive burden the liability system places on the delivery of obstetrical and gynecological services.

To ensure that every motor carrier entering the United States through the cross-border motor carrier demonstration program is inspected and meets all applicable safety standards established for United States commercial motor vehicles.

This vote would have given Senate approval to a proposed constitutional amendment that would give Congress the authority to ban desecration of the American flag.

I could have went on and on with them but I wanted this to get printed, before you vote, get educated. Once the vote is over it is too late to change your mind.

Tony C. Tennyson

Gulliver, MI

Okinawa, Japan

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