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Fish Report

Well, I love it! I love it! I love it! Fall is here when it is in the 30s in the early morning and sunny and in the 60s in the afternoon. I guess if you are a native Yooper this is the time of year you live for. Hunting, fall fishing, or just a hike in the outdoors makes a person reinforce just why they live up here.

The colors are beautiful in some areas and the way things are going you had better get out and enjoy them while they are at their peak. I was wondering as we went into fall just what kind of colors we would have and have been surprised at how colorful they are. So get out there before we get more wind and rain and they are gone.

Just think bow season is just around the corner and the deer herd looks better than it has in years. During the Youth Hunt last weekend there were a lot of young people that got their deer. I have to wonder at times who enjoys the Youth Hunt more the kids or the parents. In fact going even farther it seems at times mom gets more excited when one of her youngens gets a deer.

I ran into one mother that had a picture of her son’s “wall hanger” buck and she was so excited she had to show it to people. What makes all sports the best they can be is when the whole family enjoys it and gets involved in it.

Did you ever stop and wonder just how important the hunting and fishing community is to the businesses in the U.P.? I think at times a lot of us overlook the fact that hunters and fishermen can spend a lot of money in the area where they hunt and fish.

Out at Linda’s Bread Box they are now selling sugar beets and other deer bait. You may be surprised but not everybody that buys deer bait is a hunter. In fact I have talked to people that have a cabin that do not hunt or if they do it is away from their cabin. But they like to watch deer so they pick up some beets to put out so they can sit and watch the deer in the evening.

As I have tried to cultivate for years success is not always the most important things to show a successful fall hunt. Sometimes we just have to look at success as a bonus to the good times you can have.

I have always said that each year a person can get out in the woods you should count it as a blessing. As I walked through the woods with an old friend the other day we came to a big blowdown across the trail. As we crossed it we got laughing as we talked about the changes in life that come as you get older.

In ones youth if you come to a blowdown you just jumped across it and would go on your way. Then as the years go by and you come to a blowdown you have lost your jump so you just slow down and step across the log and continue down the road.

Then a few more years go by and you come to a blowdown and both your jumping and stepping ability has left you so you sit on the log and swing your feet across and continue on your way.

This is the step we are both at right now and we laughed so hard saying that the next step is having to crawl under these blowdowns because we will no longer be able to go over them. But one way or the other as long as we can we will enjoy the great outdoors.

As he said, “I will enjoy the walks through the woods in the fall and when I can no longer walk out in the woods I guess I will just have to crawl out there.”

There are a good number of fall fishermen getting out there looking for the fall fish runs. The fall can make for some of the best fishing during the year.

You have to admit we sure are blessed with all the opportunities we have up here and how close they are to us starting with the Manistique River.

You know as I write these articles the thought goes through my mind that there is no way the coming generation with all their computer games, cell phones and I-pads, will ever learn to enjoy all there is to enjoy about the great outdoors. I really feel sorry about this and wonder if they will too down the road.

So remember the fall colors are out there, the fishing is good and hunting season is in full swing so get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.

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