2012-09-27 / Lifestyles

Notes from the e-mailbag

Lois A. Corcoran

The coolest thing about writing a column is hearing from folks who read it. Take a peek over my shoulder for some musings from the e-mailbag.

An article about grocery shopping beefs prompted a message from Louis, who lives “in the Pacific Northwet, pun intended.” He wrote, “The folks chatting in the aisle don’t bother me, but why do they seem to be guarding the main ingredient for tonight’s dinner?”

With tongue in cheek, a guy named Todd e-mailed to ask, “What is an air biscuit and how doesPageone1 prepare them? I’ve dug through all of our recipes and cookbooks and, for the life of me, I’ve come up empty.”

A column entitled “Free Dumb of Speech” described my habit of mixing up words. I laughed when Mikki wrote to share one of her own bloopers. “The game is over,” she told her family, “so Tracker Paffic will be heavy.”

Regarding a recent column about Caramel, a lady named Orian wrote, “I’d like to know where you got the cat because I think we have his litter mate.” Then she told me about “Carney,” an orange and white tabby who’s “colors blur when he’s on a terror run.”

My bun wad column prompted Joyce to reminisce. During intermission at a Randy Travis concert, she wrote, someone handed the first person in the restroom line a roll and said, “Take three squares and hand it down.’ It hurried ‘things’ along big time,” she says.

My article, “Militant Housekeeping,” earned me good advice. For little used items, a woman named Marcia said she duct tapes the box “so much I’d really need something to bother trying to open it up.” After 6 months she donates it still taped up. “The key is the duct tape.”

After reading my column about strange wedding themes, Barbara wrote, “This week I’m helping my friend decorate for her niece’s wedding. The theme is camouflage! Complete with deer antlers, twigs, etc. You never know about brides these days.”

Like Yours Truly, some who contact me seem a bit confused. After spelling my name wrong, a woman wrote, “Some months ago you ran a recipe for fudge, no sugar.” The lady lost it and asked me for another copy.

So maybe she doesn’t read my column. But I treasure the other letters I get -- as proof that someone does.

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