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Police seek taser grant

More assaults on officers spark interest in weapon

MANISTIQUE – The Manistique Public Safety Department will pursue a grant to purchase four tasers for their officers. Members of the Manistique City Council supported the department’s plan by passing a resolution during Monday’s regular meeting.

According to MPSD Director Ken Golat, the department will be seeking a $5,367.95 grant from the Michigan Township Participating Plan to fund the purchase. The remainder of the funds, $3,236.37, will include a combination of budgeted training funding and nearly $3,000 the department made while auctioning stolen and recovered bikes over the last three years, he said. The total amount for the tasers, associated equipment and training will be $8,236.37.

“There will be minimal out-of-pocket cost for our department,” Golat said.

He added increased incidents of suspects assaulting police officers sparked the department’s interest in tasers.

“There’s been a significant amount of assaults on officers during the last few years, and we are understaffed, as well as the rest of the county … with law enforcement,” he said. “These tasers would serve to reduce the risk of injury to officers and the suspects that we have to take into custody.”

A resolution of support from council is needed as part of the grant request, added Golat. He also noted other county law enforcement agencies, such as the Sault Tribe Law Enforcement Department, Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department, and Michigan State Police already use tasers.

“I sit on the Risk Management Board, and we’ve seen a lot incidents come in where tasers would have reduced the risk for us and for other departments,” explained Mayor Dave Peterson, in support of the department’s request.

Golat noted an officer would be sent to a week-long training school downstate, and train the rest of the officers upon completion.

Council members unanimously approved the resolution of support.

In other business, council members also unanimously approved the purchase of a new salt/ plow truck for the Department of Public Works. They voted to accept a $149,302 bid from Butch Truck and Trailer Specialties, Boyne Falls, Mich., for a 2012 truck model.

According to City Manager Shelia Aldrich, two older trucks will be sold to help pay for the new truck, and the rest of the purchase will be financed.

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