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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In the Sept. 17 issue of TIME magazine, Joe Klein opined that, even though Obama has better policies, we might be better off electing Romney. His reasoning was that Obama wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything because the Republican congress would obstruct everything whereas the Democrats, who want to see government work, would work with Romney. That’s nuts! Why would we give the reins to a party that, when in power, the country was losing 750,000 jobs a month and their only solution was, “here’s $300, go to the mall” and then they intentionally allowed people to struggle for four years just so they could regain power?!

In the first month that Obama was in office, when he was trying to pull us back from the looming abyss, the Republicans held a planning session. Pete Sessions of Texas said, “if the job of the majority is to govern, what is the job of the minority? The answer is to become the majority”. So, McConnell and Cantor decided 100 percent of house and senate republicans, and that included Dan Benishek, would oppose anything Obama was for. As then-senator Voinovich of Ohio said,” if he’s for it, we’re against it”. That, it seems to me is criminal, they effectively sabotaged our economy to make Obama look bad. They employed the unprecedented use of the filibuster to derail virtually all attempts to grow the economy and that included the defeat of the American Jobs Act that would have added 1.3 million jobs by the end of this year.

Instead of rewarding them for such criminal behavior, we should reelect Obama and also give him a congress that will work for us, the middle class, the backbone of America and not for themselves, corporations, and their multi-million dollar donors.

Jude Collins

Dear Editor;

Just suppose I win big on the Michigan lottery tomorrow, money is no object. My lazy brother in law watches Andy Griffith, and thinks it would be fun to be sheriff of Schoolcraft County. We spend a bundle on yard signs for every house in the county, we run radio and tv ads, run full page ads in the Advisor, and Tribune. We pay people to go door to door and promote him. Done, there is a new sheriff in town.

We do the same for a friend that aspires to be a County Commissioner – Done, she is now my mouthpiece as a county commissioner.

Sound familiar? Thanks to Citizens United, the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, and others do the same thing through their super pacs. If there were ever a case for public financing for elections it is now. Enough is enough.

Vic Hughson


Dear Editor,

If you have been among those to live in Schoolcraft County at some time during the 1930’s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and the early 1990’s; you have probably heard the Moffat family name. The Moffats arrived on the shores of North Lake Michigan, having migrated from the “Copper Country” on Lake Superior, to this the “Limestone and Paper Country”. My father, John W. Moffat Sr. was armed with little other than a new diploma from the Michigan College of Mining and Engineering, now Michigan Tech.

During their years in Manistique and Gulliver they raised seven children. Of John and Mary, the three things said were, they loved their God, their family, and ‘da Yoop’. I can attest to that and t o the fact that they instilled the same virtues in their children. I can remember my dad being a little disappointed, when I left The First National Bank, to attend college at Ferris State (downstate). My father passed away during my final quarter at the University, but not before I had begun interviewing for jobs. I was sitting at the lakefront when he wandered down to chat about my job search. I remembering in finishing-up he said, “Alec, the three things to keep foremost in your mind are God, the family, and your hometown; make those three proud and you’re home free”! I didn’t forget. My parents were both very active in civic and community affairs; both served as Manistique’s mayor, both served multiple terms on the city council. My dad served as chairman of the school board, he was also the very first business person from the U.P. to serve as an officer of the state’s Chamber of Commerce, as its’ vice chairman. He too sat on the county board, many other councils and committees. He was an officer of the Inland Steel Company, and the vice president and general manager of Inland Lime and Stone Company, at its’ peak, and the time of his passing. Mary was also not cut out to simply sit after her husband died. She oftentimes picked up where had served. She was deeply involved in the Headstart Program, and was deeply involved in Medical School education.

Throughout my career, I often took times, via the Trib’s Letters to the Editors, to remind graduating classes that I was aware of opportunities elsewhere, but that their search for happiness would end right where it started, ‘the Yoop’, Stique, and Schoolcraft County!

Now as I close on the end of my run, due to a life ending disease, I know that the family code held true, as I strive to cross my finish line back in Manistique, where I hope I too have an opportunity to give back to my home!


Alec W. Moffat

Phoenix, Ariz.

Dear Editor,

Authorities and government were established by God to protect and rule according to what is right and just. What a privilege to be able to decide who governs. God, ultimate ruler, has allowed us to live in a nation where we can participate in this choice, but He cares about whom we choose. We go off track when we use standards or issues other than God’s to make our decision. II Chronicles 15:2 says, “The Lord is with you when you are with him. If you seek Him He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you.” God is the creator of life. To choose a candidate who supports abortion on demand we are choosing contrary to God’s design. We could continue with other issues but this one alone is so basic it must guide our vote.

Since the 1960’s God and His Word have not been welcome in our public schools, incorrect interpretation of the separation of church and state has made Him not welcome in the public debate. Will we cast our vote to make Him unwelcome in our government, an institution created by Him?

In exercising our privilege, our duty, on Nov. 11 we would do well to remind ourselves of II Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and their land.” The onus isn’t placed on those who aren’t called by His Name but on those who are.

Mary Ann Olson

Milford, Mich.

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the student athletes and the coaches of the Manistique Emeralds. The Emeralds may not always win on the scoreboard, but their sportsmanship is stellar. The more time I spend watching at athletic fields and courts, I see the student athletes and coaches of our opponents much more concerned about winning than teaching students to be able to loose with dignity. If they can’t loose with dignity they will never be able to win with grace. When the athletes react with poor sportsmanship and the coaches condone the action, we all lose. Thank you and keep up the great environment that you expose our young athletes.

Respectfully ,

James L. Dykes

Iron Mountain

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