2012-09-20 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, we finally had an all-day real soaker rain which we really needed. I would hate to say how long ago it has been since we had this type of rain. It is still dry out in the woods and we will need a lot more rain to bring things back to normal.

In driving through the woods you can see where a lot of ponds and beaver dams now consist of a few water puddles in areas that used to be covered with water. Maybe all the water we need will not come as rain, just maybe we will have more snow this year than last, when we had very little.

We saw a wood duck on one of these old beaver ponds with very little water and I guess there is nothing nicer to look at than a male wood duck in bright fall plumage. The boy and I just sat there and watched him until he flew over some dead stubs into another poll.

The bear season is in full swing and I got some real nice pictures of some bear. In fact, that is all I have managed to get so far is some pictures.

I also had an eagle come in and land where my game camera picked up a number of pictures of him walking around.

Pat season is now open too but as life would have it all those pats I was seeing seem to have went back into the deep woods and pulled some camouflage over themselves so I cannot find them. Something my dad always said to me after one of those days of walking all over looking for pats and finding none went like this, “Well, I wonder how many pats saw us today.” There have been a few days like this so far this year.

After much deep study and the fact the tempeture dropped down into the 30s I guess fall weather is here to stay. It seems that each day that you drive by the same area that the leaves have sure increased in color. It will not be long before the “color tour” is here.

There are some areas where the dry summer really shows in the trees, but there are also some areas where there is some great color that will only get better in a week or so. This has to be one of the best times to take a ride through the woods even if you are not a hunter.

The fall color season is just one of those things that never seem to grow old. When you are a youth you collect the colored leaves and put them in a scrapbook. But in their later year’s one still has that love for the colored leaves and taking a ride to enjoy them.

If you do take a ride out through the woods watch for deer in the evenings because there are a lot more deer in some areas.

I got to spend a few days this week hunting with one of my boys and whenever I get to do this it reminds me of how blessed Wifee and I have been. I have to say that times like these are too few and when there are other kids to far away to run home for a few days you sure miss them.

When you get my age you count your blessings as each one comes by because you have no idea just how many more there will be. If you are still able to get out and walk around in the woods count your blessings because there are a lot of people I used to always see out in the woods who cannot do this now.

We didn’t get any bear, we only got one pat even if we should have got more, but the time together was what made the hunt special.

It seems like only yesterday when my boys were little and dad would call and say, “Are you going to bring those boys up for the weekend?”

At the time we lived just over 300 miles from my parents but we would throw some gear into the car and off we would go after getting off work Friday afternoon and have to leave Sunday afternoon to get back home for work the next day.

But those couple of days at home were something special, as I was to find out when my dad passed away suddenly and those times were gone forever.

Take my word for it, life seems to have passed like a lightning bolt when you get my age and look back at it. So if you get a chance to make a trip home and spend a day or two with those old fossils up north take the time to do it when you can. If you wait until that perfect time to do it, remember it just may be too late then.

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