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Senior Center

A great time was had by all who went on the overnight Kewadins Casino bus trip this past Thursday. I think the most enjoyable part was on the bus. Once again, we had Steve, who we have known over the years to be a great driver.

A great big thank you goes out to those who donated snacks for the trip. Mary Lou Marx shared her hard candies and Mary Burns made homemade cookies for all to enjoy! Sing, could they ever, Sue Goffnett and Joyce Butler had those riding the bus singing along at times. Cheryl Goudreau, who is famous for her jokes, shared a few and had those riding the bus hysterically laughing! What a great group to work with and for! Pulling me away from the desk and really enjoying your conversations was a treat.

Congratulations to the “gal” on the bus that won $6,800 plus dollars at bingo. What a smile after the tremors subsided!

There is still time to sign up for the Foot Care Clinic which is provided by North Woods Home Nursing. They will be at the Center on Wednesday, Sept. 26. The cost is $12.50 and they ask you bring your own towel. To make an appointment to have your toe nails clipped, call the Center at 341-5923.

Wow, October is right around the corner! With fall coming, it’s time to slow it down a pace. Maybe even start thinking of our health. The Center will be offering a Diabetes Workshop beginning Wednesday, Oct. 3. The classes will be offered for seven weeks from 9:30-11 a.m. Two trained leaders will cover topics such as meal planning, physical activity, and symptoms of diabetes, stress, managing fatigue and emotional problems, medications and working with health care providers. Class size is limited so they are asking that you pre-register by calling the Center office at 341-5923.

Mentioning our health, were you one of the 20 plus who signed up for the Life Line Screening which was held at the Center this past Saturday? I was told they sent three directly to the hospital. I am sure they were glad they took the time to get the check up. A great big thank you to Mary Burns for taking time to open and close the Center for Life Line.

Thursday, Oct. 4, CAA will be doing their Senior Commodities at the VFW Hall from 11 a.m.to noon. Call Don Tyrell at 341-2452 for further information. Public Transit will deliver, if called prior to the date.

We have close to a full bus for the Moose Country Music Show which is held in Munising every year. The date for this year is Saturday, Oct. 6. (Please note the date was wrong in the newsletter.) The bus will be departing from the Center parking lot at 4 p.m., which will allow us time to stop for dinner (Dutch). Entertainment will be “Dakota and the Night Train” from Gladwin, Mich. We have been told that the drummer is 14 years old and has just received an award from the Country Music Awards in Nashville. We will be taking Public Transit’s brand new bus, as it holds more passengers. Yahoo!!

Due to little response we will be cancelling the bus trip for “The Fab Four” which is being held at the Chip- In Island Resort and Casino unless I get more to sign up quickly. The cost is $30 which includes transportation and a ticket to the show. I spoke to someone who used to live in Las Vegas and she said the show is fabulous and well worth seeing. If you are interested, please get your money in.

Due to requests, we have invited Attorney Susan Wideman back to the Center. She will be speaking prior to the Noon Meal at 11:30 a.m. Topics will include Estate Planning, Long Term Care Issues and Medicaid. She will also be holding “free” 15 minute private appointments for those that are interested. Please call the Center at 341-5923 to make an appointment. Her assistant will not be with her, as she just became a new “mommy”.

I know this is a little ways off, but I wanted to give you time to put together your costumes. The Center will be hosting a Halloween Party/ Potluck on Thursday, Oct. 18. We ask you bring a dish to pass, put on your “ghooliest” costume and join us for a night of fun! The party will be the same evening as our monthly potluck, which is the third Thursday of the month, beginning at the usual time, 4 p.m. Entertainment will be Tom Hoholik and Mike Johnson. Dinner will follow at approximately 5 p.m. Prizes will be given for the most creative costumes!

This is way early, but I wanted to give you the date for the upcoming Annual Christmas Party. Mark Thursday, Dec. 6, on your calendar. Entertainment will include Darrell Dixon.

Cathy Wise gave a donation towards military packages and Treasure and Trash.

We sincerely wish to thank “Mudcat” (Ralph Burt) for volunteering to drop the flag to half staff and raising it as needed. It has been a lot lately. Keep our soldiers in your thoughts and prayers!

Once again, Jackie Bruce deserves a huge thank you for assisting with our flowers this year. As many of you have told me, they look the best they ever have! We know this is not possible without a lot of hard work. Thanks, Jackie.

Monetary donations have been received at the Center in memory of:

• ..Dorothy Vaughan from Edith Greene

• ..Richard and Helen Walters from Mary Ann Rhynard

• ..Ken Thorell from Mary Ann Rhynard

• ..June Ayotte from Mary Ann Rhynard

• ..Sparky Lauzon from Mary Ann Rhynard

BRIDGE Sept. 10: 1st-Larry Savoie, 2nd-Eris Webb, 3rd-Audrey Savoie, 4th-Joyce Lesica, 5th-Joyce LaTulip, CFC-Sarah Bignall. Hostess, Bev Jahn served date torte.

BRIDGE Sept. 14: 1st-Audrey Savoie, 2nd-Joyce LaTulip, 3rd-Eris Webb, 4th-janice Redeker, 5th-Hanna Mammen, CFC-Doris DeMars. Hostess, Mary Lou Marx served cake and candy.

PINOCHLE Sept. 12: 1st-Peggy Beckman, 2nd-Carl Sundling, 3rd- George Shampine, Should’a Stayed Home-Geri Henkel.

500 Sept. 14: 1st-Sheila Haskins, 2nd-Ruth Jones, 3rd-Nancy Casey, Should’a Stayed Home-Madolyn Eberts.

Birthdays this week: Sept. 20-Phyllis Burge, Orville Noffke, and John Arnold, Sept. 21-Jim Wolfe, Sept. 22-Jules Rivard, Sept. 23-Jeff Inman and Sally Carlson, Sept. 24-Lucille Boyd, Sept. 25-Fern Robinson, Sept. 28-Clarice Becks and Claire Paoli, Sept. 29-David Hokenson and Sharon Barber, Sept. 30-Catherine Sien. Happy birthday wishes to all!!

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