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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, Sept. 9, our dog Paris was hit by a car.

Through the assistance of the Manistique State Police, Eva Burrell Animal Shelter (Patty), Dr. Coyer from Thompson Vet Clinic, the neighbor who called for help and all others that I don’t even know, Paris is home now. She is very sore, has a lot of stitches, but doing o.k

May God bless every one of you for the compassion you have shown to a dog you never even knew.

Barbara A. Reiter


Dear Editor:

Recent events at the Democrat National Convention have revealed what we have suspected now for many years – Democrat leaders and their grassroots activists have nothing but disdain for God and the State of Israel.

The Democrats’ platform committee removed from their platform a long-standing reference to our “God-given potential” and the support for the Jewish capital in Jerusalem. After public outcry, leaders of the party struggled to get a 2/3 vote from the floor to amend the platform to restore this language.

After three voice votes on the amendment, there was no clear “winner.” Despite this, the Chair of the Convention ruled in favor of the amendment thus restoring mention of God in their platform and the Israeli capital – leading to a disgraceful chorus of boos and jeers from the rank and file.

All this followed a video at the beginning of the convention that proclaimed – “Government is the only thing we all belong to.”

This is another clear example of how radical the Democrat Party has become. The mere mention of God sparks a floor fight during the Democrat Convention. Their belief in a secular humanist, Godless society is truly frightening and shows how radical and out of touch the Democrat party is with America, when nearly nine out of 10 Americans believe in God.

President Obama promised that his faith would guide him, but instead he has launched a full frontal assault on the conscience and convictions of religious liberty by insisting that his government run health system include forcing churches, colleges, hospitals, and businesses to bow their knee to the Baal of the federal government

In addition to a failed stimulus, crushing debt, record shattering gas prices, high food prices, stagnant economy, threat of a double-dip recession and 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, please add these to your list of reasons why we need a new President.

Please join me as we must redouble our volunteer efforts to ensure Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is victorious on Nov. 6.

Paul Walker


Schoolcraft County

Republican Party

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