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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago

September 13, 1962

• A discussion on the progress made in condemning and tearing down old and unsafe buildings in the city marked the regular meeting of the City Council Monday night. It was reported that the owner had promised to take care of the shed at the corner of Fifth and Badger streets as soon as possible, and discussion was held on a building at the south end of Schoolcraft Ave. A letter from E.T. King regarding the program was read. He urged that many buildings should be repaired and rented because of the housing shortage in the area. Council members pointed out that all houses torn down so far were vacant and not fit to live in, and were torn down largely as a health and safety measure.

• The romantic Harvest Moon will make it’s first appearance at 11:12 p.m. on Sept. 13. The peculiarity of this full moon, as distinguished from other occasions when the moon is near full phase, is its slight delay in rising for several nights in succession. Besides its rising so nearly the same time every evening, the Harvest Moon is likely to appear larger than usual and take on quite a reddish appearance near the horizon. This is due to the condition of the earth’s atmosphere, and not to the moon itself.

• During the first week of September, skin-divers plunged into the cold waters of the Fayette State Park harbor in search of historical articles. Donald Klinger, Ray Southerland and Dean Thompson, employees of the Parks and Recreation Division, Michigan department of Conservation, put on their wet suits and using air tanks spent several days exploring the harbor. Old dishes, bottles and household items were found, some of which undoubtedly were used many years ago at Fayette.

• Terry Cain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moster Cain, left early this week on a trip to New York City, which she won by taking first place with her health and safety demonstration at the recent State 4-H Club show.

• A case of motor oil and some Craftsman hand tools were reported missing from a trailer tool shed owned by the Caspian Construction Company and parked on the River Road. State Police are investigating the break-in and theft, which was reported on Monday.

35 Years Ago

September 15, 1977

• Students riding the Germfask Area bus will see a bus driver when they board the bus to take them to school, but it won’t be the same one they’ve been seeing ever since they began school. That’s because Germfask Bus Driver, John Zellar, Sr. retired this past year after 24 years of bus driving for the Manistique Area School District, ending a driving career that has spanned more than 53 years.

• ABH-2 Tony Tennyson of Manistique was unable to complete his cruise in the west Pacific aboard the U.S.S. Coral Sea. His orders transferred him back to the states where he will attend Explosive Ordinance Disposal School at Indian Head, Maryland for ten months.

• Ten new members, including Ron Rubick of Manistique, have been elected to the Upper Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame and will be honored next March on the day of the MHSAA regional basketball finals at Northern Michigan University.

• Manistique Emeralds Varsity football players of the week include: Offensive, D. J. Brady, Randy Schnurrer and Doug Bertrand; Defensive, Tom Anthony and Kevin Beckman. The Emeralds head to Gwinn on Friday for their second Mid-Penninsula Conference game of the season.

• Michigan State Police report that a roll of quarters containing a steel bar the same diameter as a quarter was passed at the Holiday Gas Station last week. State Police believe that the person passing the rolls, containing two quarters, is the same one that passed several bogus quarter rolls in Traverse City earlier this month.

• Although there is an official explanation for the natural cross found in rock at the John Zellar, Jr. farm in Germfask, it’s a little too complicated for the layman, most just gaze in wonderment. According to Zellar, no carving is evident on the stone, which is in the foundation of his barn. Geologists have examined the stone and said that it was formed during the ice age, probably when two rocks were compressed together. Zellar is contemplating selling the stone to a religious group although he’s not sure just what it would be worth.

25 Years Ago

September 17, 1987

• A Manistique businessman is the newest member of the Manistique City Council. John F. Stewart, 55, owner of Nelson’s Shoe Store, was appointed to the council Monday night to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of David Vaughan.

• It’s finally official. Pizza Hut is coming to Manistique. A building permit was issued Monday to Grandview of Michigan, for the approximately $170,000 project which will be located on the south side of US-2 near the Marina.

• Believe it or not, the Michigan State Police, Manistique Post, report two different cow-car accidents last Thursday. Police said a vehicle driven by Terry L. Lewis of Saginaw was eastbound on CR498 when a cow ran across the road. The vehicle hit the cow but didn’t injure it. The collision occurred at 2:15 a.m. George Clauss III of Bridgeport, told police he was northbound on M-77 when 20 cows started across the roadway. One cow damaged the left front fender of his car. The incident was reported at 8:30 p.m.

10 Years Ago

September 12, 2002

• Local residents observed Patriot Day, the first anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, with solemn ceremonies this week. More than 150 people attended Tuesday night’s vigil at the Schoolcraft County Courthouse, sponsored by the Manistique Ministerial Association. After the singing of several patriotic songs and a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, there was a procession to St. Francis de Sales Church, where further prayer and remembrance took place. On Wednesday, Sept. 11, the Manistique Area Schools held special programs for all its students, including one at the middle and high school which featured music and representatives of the school district, student council, veterans, the National Guard, law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

• 2002 Manistique High School graduate Renee Bartholomew has been listed in the first-ever edition of Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Sports Edition.

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