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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the City of Manistique for hosting the first Paul Bunyan Triathlon August 25th in Central Park.

The Recreation Department Workers and Director Bill Pohlman should get a gold medal for all the work and great effort they put in to make the event such a success.

Big triathlon’s like the Miss T’s in Chicago lack the personal touch and you are herded like cattle to your starting time. The Paul Bunyan staff actually thanked us for participating and pointed out what they did wrong and promised to fix it for next years race. The staff even asked us what they could do next year to make it a better event. The pride and attention to detail was amazing and it radiated to the people doing the event. Most swim legs are in open water and folks on kayaks patrol the area and are quite useless if any swim emergency actually happens. The Quarry Lake and the dive team was such an asset to safety and provided a great swim platform. The laps in the biking was different and fun. The quality medals for participation was a great touch. “Exercise is Medicine” is a American College of Sports medicine campaign to promote prevention, Health and Fitness. As a Emergency Physician, I see the “disease world” of sickness from people’s poor choices every day. Exercise is prevention and your event is a positive medication for your community. I hope more people will discover the great opportunity to get involved next year. That fact I swim with Mark Spitz and coached Olympic swimmers and could run seven minutes per mile in a marathon back in the day was no help to this 56 year old who got passed by a mountain bike dude and who’s “run” was more like a walk. The end of the run through the cemetery was very painful. As I ran by the Manistique Police Officer helping guide runners on the course and he shouted to me, “looking good”, I knew he was being kind but it “sparked me” to get back on track and exercise for my health. Thank you again for the gift to “participate” in such a great event. The potential for the Paul Bunyan is unlimited. Best of luck for next year. Of course, I would like to see the swim much, much longer.

Mark Gulow D.O.

Garden, Mich.

Dear Editor,

Thanks to Carmeuse for inviting the public to their operation for the guided tour of both the harbor and quarry. It was very interesting to hear how much emphasis is placed on SLAM (Stop, Look, Analyze and Manage). We are fortunate to have this operation in our area as they contribute so much to our community in jobs, purchasing and donations. Thanks again to the staff and crew.

Wilbur LaBar


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