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The evils of road rage

Lois A. Corcoran Lois A. Corcoran The light turned yellow so I slowed my Grand Am to a stop. This strategy did not endear me to the guy in the red pickup truck behind me.

When he laid on his horn, I turned to see him engage in a temper tantrum of major proportions. Moments later he passed me, displaying his favorite appendage, and left yours truly in the dust.

And me with no chance for rebuttal.

This prompted me to ask others what they do when dicey encounters like that occur. Most spew out comebacks that the bird flipper never hears. Things like, “You bet I’m number one!” Or, “Hey, buddy – is that your IQ or your number of friends?”

One guy displays his other fingers and says, “Read between the lines.”

And still another pretends he received a friendly greeting and waves back with all the gusto of the Clampetts.

A chum relayed an unpleasant experience that took place on an otherwise peaceful Sunday morning. She was minding her own bees’ wax when an angry SUV driver blared his horn and gave her the highway salute. Then he parked and strode in to church.

“Good place for him,” my pal remarked. Amen to that, sister. We can only hope the sermon dealt with the evils of road rage.

“Where I come from,” said an out-of-towner, “they use two middle fingers instead of one.” This leads me to wonder what the double-digit drivers use for steering. Then again, they’re probably not all that concerned with safety– contrary to what I heard about one little old lady.

“My grandma flipped a guy off once,” said an acquaintance, “and he turned around and chased her.” Rather than drive home, she led him straight to the police station where he promptly ditched her. But the incident scared the bejoobies out of her, and she’s kept her fingers to herself ever since.

Not a bad idea.

It’s easy to get irate when other drivers do something wrong. And let’s face it: they all do something wrong except for you. But getting the last word (or finger) in doesn’t solve anything and generally only makes matters worse.

It’s far better to let it go and return to business as usual. Oh, and forgive the moron for his or her mistakes.

Especially if she looks like me and drives a Grand Am.

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