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Sheriff's News and Notes

Editor’s note: The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department makes weekly submissions, reporting news and activities from the office. Activities are generally broken down into those occurring in the jail and those in individual townships. Other information may include jail information, such as the number of bookings and average jail population.
Aug. 25 –  Sept. 2, 2012
The Jail:
During the reporting period, the average daily population was 23.78 inmates. There were 11 inmates booked into jail. Of these, 10 are male and one is female. Eight are charged with felonies, while the remaining three are charged with misdemeanors. Three arrests involved alcohol. Currently, there are 25 inmates housed in the jail, four of which are female.
Hiawatha Township:
8/29/2012: A deputy was dispatched to the Wyman Nursery for a fire that broke out near the boat launch. An investigation is underway and the fire’s origin appears to be suspicious. A light blue Chevrolet Trailblazer was seen leaving the area when the fire began. The driver was female and reportedly had blond hair. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the sheriff’s office immediately.
8/30/2012: While conducting liquor inspections a deputy responded to a call with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for a man down and not breathing. 
Inwood Township:
8/31/2012: While conducting inland marine patrol, deputies stopped a boat on Chain Lakes for a registration violation. Under further investigation it was discovered the operator was heavily intoxicated. Deputies arrested the subject for boating under the influence and transported him to the Schoolcraft County Jail for processing.
8/31/2012: While on marine patrol, deputies were approached by a resident of the county who had complaints of vehicles traveling down Thunder Lake Road at a high rate of speed. 
9/1/2012: While on inland marine patrol deputies, stopped a boat for several violations. Deputies made contact with the operator and issued a citation for no PFD.
9/1/2012: While on marine patrol, deputies responded to a medical call nearby for a man having difficulty breathing. The patient was transported to the hospital via ambulance.
Seney Township:
8/29/2012: A deputy clocked a vehicle traveling 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on highway M-28. The driver was stopped and issued a citation for speed, with a roadside bond of $100 collected.
8/29/2012: A deputy made traffic stop on M-28. The operator of the vehicle identified himself as a retired Detroit police officer and produced a badge with no official identification. Suspicion resulted in the deputy contacting the Detroit Police Department, who were unable to verify the subject’s identity. DPD requested that the deputy confiscate the badge and they would assist in investigating the matter further. The investigation remains open.
Thompson Township:
9/1/2012: While patrolling on Indian Lake, deputies approached a vessel with no MC number displayed on the starboard side. Upon approach, a subject was seen throwing a cigarette from the vessel into the lake. The subjects were in possession of fishing equipment and had lines in the water. Only one of four subjects could produce a valid fishing license. Citations were issued for littering, no fishing licenses and improper registration on a watercraft.
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Any questions or comments can be directed to Sheriff Grant Harris at sheriff@schoolcraftcounty.net or 341-2122.

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