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Sheriff's News and Notes

Aug. 12 - 25

Sheriff’s News and Notes

Editor’s note: The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department makes weekly submissions, reporting news and activities from the office. Activities are generally broken down into those occurring in the jail and those in individual townships. Other information may include jail information, such as the number of bookings and average jail population.

The Jail:

During the period of 8-12-12 to 8-25-12, deputies booked 15 people into the jail. Of these, 13 were male and two were female. The average daily population during the period was 20.13 inmates with an average stay of 28.62 days.

Jail Incidents:

8/12/2012: An inmate assaulted a deputy during booking. The deputy continued to restrain the inmate until assisted by another deputy. Deputies placed the inmate in a special restraint chair. The inmate is facing several felony charges.

8/20 – 8/21: Deputies transported an inmate on orders from Probate Court to and from Caro, Mich.

8/23/2012: Deputies transported an inmate to the emergency room. The inmate was treated and brought back to the jail.

Inwood Township:

8/15/2012: While serving civil process papers, a deputy came across a large marijuana grow operation. The operation was believed to be a possible “medicinal” grow; however, it was in violation. An investigation resulted in a verbal warning for unsecured marijuana per state law.

8/23/2012: Deputies were on their way back from inland marine patrol when they observed two off-road vehicles riding in a protected area. When stopping to speak with the suspects, the two went back into the woods. Deputies attempted make contact again on another road, but the suspects turned and took off at a high rate of speed. Deputies were able to identify the suspects and later made contact with their parents, who took action.

Seney Township:

8/15/2012: While serving papers in the Seney area, a deputy was dispatched to a possible hit-and-run on M-28. The deputy responded and an investigation revealed debris on the roadway from a walker that had been dumped. The debris was removed from the roadway and the complaint closed.

Doyle Township:

8/13/2012: Deputies were dispatched to the Gulliver to assist the Michigan State Police for a domestic in progress. Upon arriving on scene, deputies and a trooper were able to make contact with two parties who were uninjured, yet highly intoxicated. Deputies cleared the scene and the matter was handled by MSP.

Other News:

8/21/2012: The sheriff’s office received a $5,000 dollar grant for marine patrols. Patrols are in progress and thus far deputies have checked 12 vessels, conducted routine maintenance, and issued several verbal warnings for marine violations.

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Any questions or comments can be directed to Sheriff Grant Harris at sheriff@schoolcraftcounty.net or 341-2122.

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