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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Ahh! Picture Perfect indeed! The GFWC Manistique Women’s Club “Picture Perfect” Garden Tour was indeed that! Every garden had something special to offer and it was quite obvious that the owners have many hours invested in their gardens. To add to the ambiance, each garden featured an artist. Each of the artists volunteered their time and talents to the tour and deserve to be mentioned. Ed Wright instructed people in the extraction of honey and wax from the family’s bee hives. Jennifer Carlson and Dorene Hatfield made beautiful music with their violins and Vicki Hill entertained visitors to the Vanderville garden with songs for an afternoon. Gail Glendon worked on her hand-appliqu├ęd “Wildflower” quilt while Marilyn Johnson demonstrated Rosemaling. Rosemaling being an early classical art form done in churches and homes of Norwegians. This art form has made a comeback recently, particularly where there is a strong Scandinavian population. A garden pathway and greenhouse were the objects of a painting done by Jan Hickey in the McManus garden. Also, with a newly-found hobby, retired schoolteacher, Brenda Fleck took many beautiful pictures of flowers that have become cards and stationery.

The GFWC Manistique Women’s Club recently held their “Picture Perfect Garden Tour” throughout the area. Above, the garden of Clyde and Barb Chartier, near Indian Lake, is shown. 
Courtesy photos The GFWC Manistique Women’s Club recently held their “Picture Perfect Garden Tour” throughout the area. Above, the garden of Clyde and Barb Chartier, near Indian Lake, is shown. Courtesy photos Women’s Club Fountain Committee members volunteered to greet visitors on the tour and many provided refreshments for the warm, sunny afternoon.

Sherry Krause


Dear Editor,

I was on the primary ballot in Inwood Township for the position of trustee, and feel like I need to respond to the accusations that were going around before the election. First of all I was on the ballot because no one else was running for that seat. I felt a responsibility to our township and was ready to step up if needed. I believe that nowhere in politics is the single persons voice heard more clearly than in local government. I feel like I would of been an asset to the board. My great-grandfather was the first elected supervisor here and I have had ‘family’ involved with the operating of the township for many years.

I would like to address the allegations that were being spread prior to the election. The definition of neoptism: favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship (that is from the Merriam/Webster dictionary). It is about gaining something because of a family connection not about working together for the best possible outcome for a situation. A couple of examples of nepotism might be if someone was hired to, lets just say remodel the bathrooms at the town hall based on a family connection. Or if a, lets say husband was booted out of his house by the wife, and was allowed to stay in the fire hall for a period of time, because of family connections. Do you see the difference?

I sincerely hope that everyone that voted, cast their ballot for the good of the township and not because of allegations that were spouted off by a few disgruntled people that seem to have nothing better to do that to ‘stir the pot’. If these people were so concerned about relatives sitting on the board, why were their names not on that ballot? This is a small community and a lot of people have family connections. Does that mean they cannot work together? I’m not overly upset that I didn’t win, but I guess it just bothers me on how and why I lost.

Sandy (Gray) Babington


Dear Editor,

To the voters of Schoolcraft County: on behalf of the Manistique Senior Citizen Board, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who voted for the millage for the Senior Citizen Center on Aug. 7, 2012. Thanks to you, the center can continue to operate as the busiest, most active center in the U.P. helping hundreds of seniors in many, many different ways, from getting rides to medical appointments, to having a very nice place to meet with friends for card playing, potlucks or just visiting, to receiving help with their personal and household chores.

The center is open for anyone to visit Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our annual open house will take place on Sept. 16 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and we cordially invite you to stop by. Once again, Thank You for your continued support.

Mary LaFleur


Manistique Senior Citizens


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