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Fish Report

Well, you can sure use the phrase, “Ready or not here it comes” as far as fall goes. There sure has been a bite in the air early in the morning the last few days. There are even a few leaves turning in some places, but I told Wifee that it really has nothing to do with fall, it is caused by stress. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part.

People are seeing a few pats, an increase in the flocks of turkey moving around, and more deer in a lot of areas. All in all I guess if fall is coming, and it has never failed yet, we may as well look on the bright side and get ready for it.

I guess Wifee may as well start looking for my hunting gear now instead of waiting until the last minute. But in my case it has sure been an interesting summer and 99 percent of the things I had planned to accomplish are still on my “to do” list.

It is sure interesting how when you retire you are supposed to have all this time on your hands to get everything done but for some reason you never seem to get caught up.

After some deep study I am sure it has nothing to do with age. Right around 37 years ago Wifee and I moved our family up here to Manistique. At about the same time a new wildlife biologist moved up to this area also. I got to know him before he later moved down to the Lower Peninsula. Seeing how small the DNR really is I heard about him now and then until the time came he returned home to help with the family business. Seeing I had started my career with the DNR out of Caro down in the thumb area of Michigan I was well aware of Frankenmuth, Mich. Wifee and I always tried to go over to have the famous home style fried chicken at Zehnder’s Restaurant.

If you are familiar with Frankenmuth needless to say you have to know about Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. This is the family business that the former wildlife biologist from up here went home to work at. As the years have went by there are always things in life that change and now Wayne Bronner who was the wildlife biologist up here is now the head of Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

I have always felt that when Wayne left the DNR to return to work with his dad it was a big loss for the DNR. I think that with the way Wayne has stepped up and took over after his dad running something as big as Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland you have to have both management skills and people skills and at the time there are those that feel this is one of the short comings of the DNR.

Most of you that read my article each week know how I believe and try to live with my family. What makes Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland something special is the fact that from the start it has always expressed its Christian values and run their business with this in mind. And I feel they have been tremendously blessed through all these years because of it. I have been told by people from Frankenmuth who I came across at banquets about what a blessing the Bronner family has been to their town and the people that live there.

They told me about some of the things Wayne’s dad did while he was in charge that really impacted a lot of people. I think something we have forgotten in our country is the fact that so many people that have been blessed find a way to pass their blessings on to benefit others. I have often thought that what a step it has been to go from being a wildlife biologist assigned to the Manistique area to being in charge of the largest tourist attraction in Michigan is unreal.

How does a person handle all that has to come across their desk in a job like this? I guess I got a glimpse of this in reading an article when some vandals who had destroyed some of Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland displays last Christmas.

Wayne stated in court, “I’m 58 years old, and I’ve had 57 good Christmases,” he told the court during sentencing for the four of the five involved in the vandalism, when he learned of the vandalism, he said, he ‘wondered what we had done to merit” such an act,

Wayne stated that it wasn’t until a relative spoke with him and expressed “utter shock” that they committed such an act that he began to forgive. “We’re a Christian family, and we forgive them for their actions,” He said. “I can’t comprehend why this was done, but I do frankly believe in these individuals.”

I think you can see why he was able to follow in his dad’s footsteps and keep the same Christian values that they always have and why I feel that it was the DNR’s loss when he left the department.

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