2012-08-16 / News

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the U.P. Regional Blood Center I would like to thank the Amity Group for helping with our blood drive in the month of July. I would also like to thank the members of Schoolcraft County for taking the time to give the “gift of life”. With everyone’s help and participation we were able to collect an outstanding 46 pints of blood. Thank you for supporting your community blood center.

Thank You,

Sallie Coron

Coordinator of Blood


U.P. Regional Blood Center

Marquette, Michigan

Dear Editor,

This past Saturday, Aug. 11, my wife and I made a trip to Germfask for the Livermore reunion. They have it every year on the second Saturday of August.

They are a fun loving group of people, always ready to help someone out, so this year it was my turn. After a good meal they brought out a large cake. The left half was for my wife and I’s 65th wedding anniversary. The other half was for my 90th birthday. They also presented us with a 32 inch tv. By the way, if anyone out there that needs a tv, drop around, but bring lots of help, for that old one is heavy.

I want to tip my hat to the Livermore people and their friends, for they started out as a dozen in their family, so they do know how to treat other people.

Martha and Del Sheppard


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