2012-08-02 / Sports

Scam affecting some residents

PORT HURON, Mich. – Semco Gas Energy Company is alerting customers of a new bill payment scam promising to pay a customer’s utility bill and then gathering personal information. According to Manistique Public Safety Director Ken Golat, several phone calls seemingly related to this scam have been received by both Manistique and Schoolcraft County residents recently.

Beside phone calls, those involved with the scam have also been known to use other means, such as door-to-door solicitations, social media, and fliers to convince customers that a new federal program, established by the Obama Administration, is providing free utility bill payment credits.

The scammers then tell customers that, to take advantage of the program, customers a Social Security Number and, in some cases, a bank routing number, is needed. Victims of the scam are provided a bank routing number and an account number to pay their bills.

In addition to identity theft, customers may end up with unpaid utility bills leading to late charges and potential disruption of service. Semco reminds customers to never give out personal information, particularly Social Security numbers and banking information, to anyone during a telemarketing call or door-to-door solicitation unless they know with certainty who they are dealing with.

If solicited by someone claiming to be an employee of Semco Energy, customers are advised to demand verification or call the company at (800) 624-2019 to validate their identity.

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