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27th annual Trout and Salmon Derby

The numbers were down, fish registered were smaller, but the 27th annual Schoolcraft County Sportfishing Association Trout and Salmon Derby was again a huge success, bringing in anglers from all across the state, Wisconsin and Canada.

Over 360 participants hit the waters of Lake Michigan at 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning. By the time the two day event came to an end Scott DeKeyser of Cooks walked off with the top prize in the Salmon category with his 21.50 pound catch.

Troy Sumbera of downstate Wolverine pulled in the prize of the tournament when he landed a monster trout that weighed in at 22.35 pounds and measured 32 inches.

Both winning fish were caught early Sunday morning.

“The sizes of the fish were down, but there were plenty of them caught,” association president Dave Demers said. “Overall our entries were off from previous years but thanks to all who assisted and or contributed, the tournament was a huge success and a huge boost to the community”.

Organizers are already making plans for next year’s tournament.

For more information on the tournament or the Schoolcraft County Sports Fishing Association, contact Dave Demers at (906) 341-8264.

Salmon results:

First place $3,000: Scott De- Keyser, Cooks, 37 inches, 21.50 pounds.

Second place $1,080: Ryan Egan, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, 36.5 inches, 19.40 pounds.

Third place $864: Luciano Defend, 38 inches, 18.10 pounds.

Fourth and Fifth place tie $576: Jeff Panich, Pickford, Mich., 34 inches, 17.75 pounds and Rick Chrisman, Niagra, Wis., 34 inches, 17.75 pounds

Sixth place $360: Bill Meyers, Gladstone, 35 inches, 17.60 pounds.

Seventh place $288: Homer Joslin, Manistique, 36 inches, 17.50 pounds.

Eighth place $216: Ron Avery, Munising, 34.5 inches, 17.50 pounds

Trout Results:

First place $2,000: Troy Sumbera, Wolverine, Mich., 32 inches, and 22.35 pounds.

Second place $864: Lee Billings, Isabella, 27.75 inches, 13.25 pounds.

Third place $720: Vern Barton, Manistique, 30.125 inches, 12.05 pounds.

Fourth place $576: Ron Goudreau, Manistique, 29 inches, 11.80 pounds.

Fifth place $432: Dominic Coccimiglio, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, 29.25 inches, 9.40 pounds.

Sixth place $288: Kevin Miron, Bark River, 29 inches, 7.70 pounds.

Seventh place $216: Makayla Gillette, Harbor Springs, Mich., 27.75 inches, 7.60 pounds.

Eighth place $144: Wade Martindale, Engadine, 29.75 inches, 7.50 pounds

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