2012-07-26 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, here we are almost at the end of July and it seems like we just got started with our summer. We have been blessed with some rain and there is suppose to be more on the way, but it is still rather dry out in the woods, so you have to be careful out there.

It has also been a strange season with the weather as far as the bugs go. Just lately it has been the little house like flies that enjoy feasting on you if you are out camping. These little flies sure can be a pest.

This weekend is the big fishing contest here in our town. This seems to have grown to become one of the top fishing contests in the U.P. and maybe one of the best in Michigan. There is a lot of work that goes into putting something like this on and have it run smoothly.

It is also an important money maker for a lot of businesses around our area. This year there seems to be a good increase in the number of tourist in our area. This past weekend I was out telling stories at Indian Lake State Park and there seemed to be a good number of campers there. I do not think we are where we were a few years ago with the summer activity, but we seem to be going in the right direction.

The deer I have observed the past week or so have put their red coats on so this means they are getting where they are getting ready to put on some weight for the fall hunting season. Of course there was always this saying back when I was working, “The sooner they’re red the sooner they’re dead!” This means the meat has firmed up and is good eating.

It used to be when a Yooper went camping he could take the camper and the boat out to his campsite on the lake and be all set. It is not that way anymore! Now you have to make five-six trips to get everything out to the lake. You still have to take the things out you always did but now you have to take a kayak for each member of the crew. With these kayaks you can only take so many of these at a time. So if you have a bigger crew, guess what? The good news the bad news is you will have to make the same number of trips to get everything back home.

Camping sure can be a lot of fun, only it seems like so many things even camping has become more complicated.

If there is one thing I hear from visitors that come through our area it is, “You sure have a beautiful place to live up here.” Sometimes I think those of us that are blessed to live in a place like we do have to be careful we do not take it for granted. We can see the lake, streams, and forest but not really stop and realize just what is there. So play tourist once in a while and take the time to enjoy all we have here in the U.P.

When I was out at the state park this past weekend we got to talking about all the changes in camping that has taken place since we were kids. Back when growing up if a family went camping most of them had an old army surplus tent for their whole crew.

There were few campers but only rich people owned one of these and not many of those. As the years went by things kept improving and camping got more sophisticated. Now it seems some people have a nicer camper than their home back where they live.

You look at some of these fifth wheels and all they are equipped with and it is not a camper but a home. When these people go out and rough it up here in the U.P. they sure make a different interpretation of roughing it. Of course you would be amazed how many times I see mom and dad with their fifth wheel and a couple little pop-up tents for the kids so they can do some real camping.

Speaking of pop-up tents, how many of you out there that are my age or older remember what a project it was to set up your tent when camping. Now they take this tent out of there little back pack case, step back and it about sets itself up.

In fact it can be a bigger project getting the tent back into the little carrying case it came with than it is setting it up. I even have a tent where it has two tents in one. There is a larger tent for mom and dad with a tunnel that goes to a smaller tent for the kids.

Life sure has changed when you think that way back then a tent with a floor was unheard of. So enjoy what you have today and forget those “Good Old Days.”

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