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Skip to my Louvre

Lois A. Corcoran

It’s been here for years, but we discovered it only a short time ago. Better late than never, Mom and I recently toured the art exhibit at the City Hall. My home town’s answer to The Louvre.

Friends and family could never accuse me of being a culture hound. Up till now, my only real exposure to art has been paint by number.

But I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the paintings, photography, and memorabilia that line the southwest walls of the Commission Chambers. Lucky for us, no town meetings took place at the time, though come to think of it, that might add some drama to the mix.

Like that famous gallery in France, our art display changes regularly. Every other month sees a new exhibit, many times featuring a nature theme.

It also parallels the seasons, i.e., snow scenes in December. This, unlike stores that promote winter gear in July.

The mini-museum is funded by an endowment from the late Dr. Mary Cretens, a philanthropist and all-around nice lady. This eliminates the need for someone to hit us guests up for a steep admission fee.

Unlike the guided tours at The Louvre, our gallery encourages guests to explore works on their own. True, there’s no expert on duty to wax on about pieces of interest. But there’s something to be said for going at your own pace, whatever speed that may be.

I’m happy to report that you won’t find any Picassos among the exhibits either. By that, I mean pictures that need a sign reading “This side up”.

When it comes to abstract art, I can see why starving artists are starving. I know little about interpreting how colors and textures interact with each other, and shy away from works that demand indepth analysis.

Instead, our gallery features work by local artists with an uncanny ability to replicate life on a canvas. Their landscapes look so real, you’d swear you visited them. Young and old alike can enjoy them without earning a liberal arts degree.

Our culture tour lasted a quarter of an hour. Quite a bit shorter than those of that sprawling 645,000 square foot complex in Paris. Then again, our feet did not get tired. And good things come in small packages.

So we plan to visit again, and I urge you to skip to my Louvre, too.

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