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Paper Chase a hit for racers

And they’re off! Heading down Arbutus Avenue, runners try to gain position before taking the turn to bring them under the bridge crossing U.S. Highway 2. At left, placing third, second, and first, respectively, in the 20-29 year old female division of the 10-kilometer event were Jessica Beckman, Kasey Demers and Stacy Mathson. And they’re off! Heading down Arbutus Avenue, runners try to gain position before taking the turn to bring them under the bridge crossing U.S. Highway 2. At left, placing third, second, and first, respectively, in the 20-29 year old female division of the 10-kilometer event were Jessica Beckman, Kasey Demers and Stacy Mathson. MANISTIQUE – Despite temperatures nearing 80, coupled with stifling humidity, it was another great run along Lake Michigan for the 2012 Manistique Paper Chase participants. The annual event even set a new record, with 216 participants finishing.

Due to the growing size of the race, organizers said they were pleased to have a partner like Superior Timing to take care of the finish line. The chip-timed event recorded finishing times for 167 five-kilometer and 49 ten-kilomer athletes.

Overall, winners for the 5K were: Holly Blowers of Manistique in the female division, with a time of 21:38.5 and Lee Kanitz of Hessel, Mich., in the men’s division, with a time of 17:44.5.

Pioneer Tribune photos Pioneer Tribune photos Greg Ryan of Sherwood, Wis., was the first male to finish the 6.2 mile distance of the 10K, with a time of 41:10.5. In the women’s division, Debbie Hermes of Neenah, Wis., covered the same distance in 48:21.0.

Three age group records were also set this year. Sherry Metzger of Manistique set a new mark in the 10K for 50-59 year-olds with a time of 50:00.5.

Manistique resident Cathy Harris raised the bar in the 10K 60+ division with a new time of 59.44.1.

In the 5K event, Jill Richard of Garden set a new time of 23:35.9 in the 40-44 age group.

5K Results (3.1 Miles)

Age 9 and under - Male:

Lucas Gould, Manistique 26:12.5; Eads Fouche’, Manistique 27:08.5; Gunnar Collins, Manistique 28:26.1; Jude Way, Manistique 30:38.0; Jeremy Chapman, Howell, Mich. 38:52.9; Carson Sprader, Manistique 42:25.6; Lucas Collins, Manistique 42:48.1; Logan Unger, San Jose, Calif. 44:58.3; Kyle Passino, Newberry

48:54.1; Kadon Hayes, Escanaba 54:31.6; Ely North, St. Ignace 54:52.2

Age 10-11 Male:

Alex Misniakiewicz, Manistique 23:47.0; Ethan Chapman, Howell, Mich. 34:09.1; Cameron Manchmaf, 54:39.7; Derek Kirkland, Osawatomie, Kan. 1:11:17.7

Age 12-14 Male:

Brett Hannah, Wetmore 18:42.1; Tanner Gonzalez, Manistique 21:06.7; John Hassemer, Brillion, Wis. 25:01.4; Corey Wittenwyler, Phoenix, Ariz. 25:59.5;Seth Helman, Houghton 26:38.1; Alex Johnson, Newberry 30:08.3; Nick Lund, Gulliver 34:18.9; Jake Burnis, Gulliver 35:51.5; Trevor Ayotte, Manistique 37:14.8

Age 15-19 Male:

Cody Kayser, Manistique 18:52.0; Eric Cousineau, Escanaba 19:42.2; William Pomeroy, Manistique 21:23.3; Coby Ryan, Manistique 21:51.4; Cody Cousineau, Escanaba 21:52.0; Andrew Olesak, Gladstone 23:28.3; Nick Olesak, Gladstone 24:18.7; Cole Gonzalez, Manistique 25:26.3; Alex Helman, Houghton 25:57.2; Ian Helman, Houghton 27:43.0; Tyler Bennett, Naubinway, Mich. 30:40.2

Age 20-29 Male:

Garde Kangas, Manistique 20:27.8; Travis Wood, Manistique 20:55.7; Scott Nagy, Manistique 21:07.0; Allen Mergener, McMillan 25:11.3; Jon Studinger, Manistique 27:38.6; Ty Mitchell, Ann Arbor, Mich. 27:54.2; Jacob Bruce, Bark River 30:17.7; Keith Ockerman, Marquette 42:58.9; David Flores, Manistique 46:12.3

Age 30-34 Male:

David Partyka, Manistique 18:23.2; Jake Denkins, Rapid River 22:59.6; David Winkel, Manistique 24:14.0; Preston Mersnick, Newberry 27:46.0; Jason Collins, Manistique 28:26.2; Ryan Olsen, Manistique 29:14.4; Zeke Rozich, Manistique 29:16.1; John Brostram, Traverse City, MIich. 30:15.5; R. Williams, Gulliver 32:47.5

Age 35-39 Male:

Lee Kanitz, Hessel, Mich. 17:44.5; Bob Burnham 22:22.9; Bryan Wiljanen, Curtis 27:21.3; Rob Lynts, Casco, Wis. 31:36.1; Matt Miotk, Wis. 33:12.2

Age 40-44 Male:

Nate Unger, San Jose, Calif. 19:56.5; Ray Fouche’, Manistique 20:41.9; William Fraser, St. Ignace 21:37.8; Scott Whitman, Manistique 22:25.0; Troy Tibbetts, Gaylord, Mich. 29:22.5; Bob Brandstrom, St. Ignace 29:43.5; Scott Sprader, 42:25.5; Vern Gage 1:00:31.1

Age 45-49 Male:

John Matchinski, Manistique 25:24.7; Roger Helman, Houghton 27:43.5; Tommy Burnis, Gulliver 29:14.0; Craig Potvin, Garden 42:57.5; Jim North, St. Ignace 54:53.9

Age 50-54 Male:

Richard Aldrich, Manistique 24:40.1; Joe Denkins, Manistique 26:38.7; Daniel Fritter, Shawano, Wis. 29:26.5; Paul Lapine, Gladstone 31:52.2; Tim Bruce, Bark River 36:04.9

Age 55-59 Male:

Guy Thorell, Manistique 26:29.6; Bob Bosk, Gladstone 27:18.1; Richard Mergener, McMillan 28:46.5; Mark Larche, Manistique 32:40.6; Doug McIntyre, Rockford, Mich. 35:56.4; Jim Weber, Manistique 37:08.2; Bob Cayia, Valparaso, Ind. 44:53.4

Age 60+ Male:

Rick Schwartz, Cooks 24:41.0; John Vrancik, Escanaba 33:14.9; Jim Cowman, Clovis, N.M. 34:58.7; John Norrington, Manistique 47:24.7; Doug Tyrrell, Osawatomie, Kan. 48:34.1; Harry Mageski, Gulliver 49: 43.8; James Russey, Manistique 50: 12.5; Clifford Lambert, Manistique 54: 05.6; James LaFave, Manis-

tique 56:27.6; Vernon Metzger,
Manistique 59:37.3
Age 9 and Under Female:
Evelyn Collins, Manistique
41:31.0; Jordyn Chapman, Howell,
Mich. 53:48.0; Jade Fraser, St. Ignace 54:47.5; Brooke Brandstrom,
St. Ignace 55:11.6; Rachel Kirkland,
Osawatomie, Kan. 56:23.3; Paige
Unger 1:13:44.6
Age 10-11 Female:
Abigail Burnham, 37:57.7; Ellie
Helman, Houghton 38:11.0; Brianna
Larsen, Gulliver 49:30.3; Lexi Johnson, Manistique 57:31.9
Age 12-14 Female:
Holly Blowers, Manistique
21:38.5; Shelby Misniakiewicz,
Manistique 29:13.8; Mackenzie Taylor, Curtis 32:45.9; Maddie McPhee,
Garden 57:31.7; Halle Potvin, Garden 57:31.7; Lacey Ruth, Manistique
Age 15-19 Female:
Brittany Richard, Garden 22:24.2;
Maryse Hinkson, Manistique
29:41.4; Darby Demers, Manistique
26:22.9; Samantha Bennett, Naubinway, Mich. 30:41.9; Emily Aldrich,
Manistique 42:58.7; Emily Weber,
Manistique 43:07.6
Age 20-29 Female:
Rachel Urban, Manistique 24:32.8;
Amanda Olsen, Manistique 29:41.4;
Malorie Lakosky, Manistique
31:48.3; Toni Larche, Manistique
32:41.3; Kelly Aldrich, Manistique
Age 30-34 Female:
Erin Mattonen, Gladstone 27:00.9;
Mary Griffin, Maysville, Mo.
35:14.2; Danelle Brostram, Traverse
City, Mich. 36:31.2; April Collins,
Manistique 42:48.7
Age 35-39 Female:
Holly Way, Manistique 30:40.0;
Angela Whitman, Manistique
34:20.8; Dana Wiljanen, Curtis
41:13.9; Lisa Passino, Newberry
49:05.3; Karen Mauchmar, Martin, Mich. 55:03.9; Julie Kirkland,
Osawatomie, Kan. 56:20.5
Age 40-44 Female:
Jill Richard, Garden 23:35.9;
Angela Fraser, St. Ignace 23:58.7;
Michelle Unger, San Jose, Calif.
24:10.7; Kelly Matchinski, Manistique 28:30.7; Beth Hinkson, Gaylord, Mich. 30:06.2; Sharra Vostral,
Manistique 32:50.8; Kim North, St.
Ignace 35:57.4; Jennifer Burnham,
Wetmore 37:58.8; Wanda Lemaster,
Cooks 46:12.7; Julie Johnson, Manistique 57:34.2
Age 45-49 Female:
Beth Aldrich, Manistique 24:40.1;
Wendy Wittenwyler, Phoenix,
Ariz. 26:03.2; Anita Swayer, Cooks
35:08.1; Tammy Ayotte, Manistique
45:38.7; Jill Osterhout, Zeeland,
Mich. 52:09.2; Diane Gage, Manistique

Age 50-54 Female:
Ellen Hodgson, Ashland, Wis,.
34:11.2; Julie Baker, Manistique
37:12.2; Janet Pratt, Manistique
37:26.9; Elizabeth Ozog, E. Peoria,
Ill. 40:08.7; Tammy Denkins, Manistique 41:08.6; Denise Riley-Fritter,
Shawano, Wis. 1:06:01.7
Age 55-59 Female:
Trish Forstner-Cayia, Manistique
28:22.8; Barb Weber, Manistique
Age 60+ Female:
Loretta Johnson, Gulliver 44:02.3;
Harriett Farley, Manistique 44:27.5;
Susanne Urban, Manistique 44:28.0;
Kathleen Sheldon, Manistique
44:58.5; Barbara Ryan, Manistique
48:02.1; Eleanor Russey, Manistique
50:09.7; Jean Anthony, Manistique
51:36.6; Patricia Mickelson, Manistique 51:41.2; Jeanne McHugh,
Manistique 51:41.3; Molly Hoholik,
Manistique 52:08.7; Nancy Tyrrell,
Osawatomie, Kan. 57:57.6; Marlette
Rockwood, Manistique 1:00:41.6
10K Results (6.2 Miles)
Age 19 and under - Male:
Hunter Dlugas, Bark river 43:39.7;
Joey Wolfe, Escanaba 43:49.2; Nick
Roberts, Rapid River 50:11.6
Age 20-29 Male:
Greg Ryan, Sherwood, Wis.
Age 30-39 Male:
Mike VanWormer, Pace, Fla.
44:04.8; Dan Giles, Manistique
44:47.8; Casey Calouette, Escanaba
51:40.5; Jack Burnett, Chicago, Ill.
51:44.3; Ben Stein, Chicago, Ill.
Age 40-49 Male:
Joe Wolfe, Escanaba 48:13.8; Pat
Alworden, Gladstone 51:27.3; Eric
Gustafson, Rapid River 55:06.6; Brad
Ritter, Green Bay, Wis. 1:05:20.7
Age 50-59 Male:

Peter Jacobs, Manistique 1:00:35.9;
Rod Lovell, Escanaba 1:12:40.9
Age 60+ Male:
Jeff Morey, Manistique 47:35.9;
Larry Morse, Marquette, Mich.
52:23.7; Richard Olsen, Manistique
59:33.7; Dick Jenkins, Escanaba
Age 20-29 Female:
Stacy Mathson, Oconto Falls, Wis.
58:35.4; Kasey Demers, Manistique
1:01:40.1; Jessica Beckman, Manistique 1:05:26.4
Age 30-39 Female:
Debbie Hermes, Neenah, Wis.
48:21.0; Jessica Peterson, Manistique
56:22.5; Natasha King, Engadine
57:43.3; Crystal Schroder, Newberry
1:00:54.0; Jenny Calouette, Escanaba
1:01:47.1; Kathleen Burnett, Chicago, Ill. 1:04:12.1; Molly Sharlow,
Fredericksburg, Va. 1:07:37.6; Laura
Stein, Chicago, Ill. 1:08:40.8; Katie
Pinar, 1:18:53.2
Age 40-49 Female:
Laurie Alworden, Gladstone
49:27.1; Laurie Nelson, Manistique
53:13.8; Nancy Krusic, Manistique
54:06.2; Lisa Demers, Manistique
1:00:28.7; Kris Olesak, Gladstone
1:01:01.6; Laurie Lindstrom, Manistique 1:09:58.3; Judy Lovell, Escanaba 1:12:41.0; Theresa Gouin, Appleton, Wis. 1:15:10.1; Jody Bergeon,
Escanaba 1:19:40.6; Beth Stockwell,
Gulliver 1:41:16.0
Age 50-59 Female:
Sherry Metzger, Manistique
50:00.5; Gail Hoholik-Jacobs, Cooks
56:11.1; Donna Winkel, Manistique
1:00:01.4; Jean Brandenburg, Bark
River 1:03:19.5; Gloria VanKlompenburg, Manistique 1:17:40.8
Age 60+ Female:
Cathy Harris, Manistique
59:44.1; Kathleen Morse, Marquette
1:06:47.0; Judy Bahanda, Rapid River 1:17:56.1

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