2012-07-19 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, it sure has been a super dry spring and summer season in a lot of areas. Wifee and I have family that has really been hit hard by the lack of rain. There are cattlemen selling off their herds and farmers that say their crops are going to amount to nothing. Ultimately it is us who pay for this type of weather when everything we need is going up in price. But needless to say there is not much we can do about the weather.

Right now it is 100 in the Madison, Wis., area while it is only 82 in Daytona Beach, Fla. It is 94 in Pennsylvania where my other boy lives, 92 in Mission, Texas. There is really no way to figure out the type weather we are having.

We sure are lucky up here because we have the lakes to enjoy and when we manage to get a breeze off the lake it sure does make a difference. There are a lot of evenings when you can sit outside and have that cool breeze when the sun goes down that makes all the difference in the world.

Do you that are “over-the-hill” like I am, remember when only a chosen few had an air conditioner in their car? Now we are so spoiled that we would just about give up the ghost if we had to drive somewhere in a vehicle without air conditioning. I guess this has to be one of those times when the “good-olddays” were not really that good after all.

Talking about camping one has to wonder why when you roast corn over an open fire pit it tastes so much better. I also learned something this week while doing this out at Chicago Lake. After we roasted the corn and hot dogs, Wifee got out a stick of butter and one of the ladies with us said, “Just take that stick of butter and put it in a hot dog bun, on a plate and roll the corn in it.” This really worked slick and it proves that even an old fossil like myself can learn little tricks to make camping more enjoyable.

In the next few weeks the fishing on the big lake will really pick up with the fishing contest taking place. There are a lot of fishermen that really enjoy taking part in these sport fishing contests. Hopefully they will have great weather the weekends of the fishing contest. They do have some real worthwhile prizes for the winners of these contests.

It has always amazed me how one person can catch a trophy fish and feel like he conquered the world. Yet you can take another fisherman that catches a nice mess of bluegill or perch and he is just as happy as the fisherman that caught the trophy fish. In so many cases in life, success and happiness is in the eyes of the beholder.

I don’t think there is a more enjoyable picture than when a grandson comes into camp to show grandpa what he has caught. It does not have to be your grandson in order to enjoy the look on his face when they make grandpa proud. Of course there is a price to pay for that good feeling because guess who gets to clean the fish?

Just maybe when you get my age you have slowed down enough to be able to sit back and enjoy things a lot more. It is really too bad when people in this day and age do not take the time to realize what things can really be important. So slow down and take the time to enjoy life.

Well this week I have to close by telling you my $5,000+ joke (if you want to know why this is a $5,000+ joke you will have to see me and ask.)

It seems there was this old timer that all he had left was his faithful companion, his dog. He got up one morning and it appeared his best and only buddy had died during the night.

So he loaded his dog into his car and drove off to see the vet and find out if there was anything he could do. Well he got there and carried his dog into the vet’s office and laid him on the floor.

The vet came in and took one look and informed the old timer his dog was dead! The old timer asked, ‘Doc is there not something you can do?” The vet told him he could run a couple of tests. So the old timer told him to go ahead and run the test.

The vet opens a door and in comes a lab, which walks around the dog a number of times, stops and shakes his head “no” and walks off. The vet says, “He’s dead.”

The old timer says is there not anything else you can do? The vet says he can run one more test. He opens a door and in comes a cat that walks around the dog a number of times then stops and shakes his head “no” and walks off.

The old times says to the vet I guess he’s dead what will you charge me to get rid of him. The vet says $1,000. The old timer steps back and says isn’t that a little high!

The vet then informs him’ “Well it would have cost you only $50 for me to get rid of your dog before we ran the “Lab tests” and the “Cat scan”.

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