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Central U.P. families invited to host exchange students

What better way to learn about another country then to host a student from Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Brazil or even Australia? Students attend local high schools and integrate themselves into their host family and community.

The students serve as ambassadors for their countries, and teach host families about their cultures and customs. Host families provide a caring and supportive atmosphere, while the students are expected to behave with maturity and respect throughout the program. The students will be in the central Upper Peninsula for 10 months from August to May.

The STS program is an academic program and all students must maintain strict academic standards set by STS Foundation. Each student will have their own spending money and insurance. Every family will have a local STS Coordinator who will answer questions and maintain regular contact with the student, family and school throughout the program.

Here are a couple of the many students:

Ida is 15 and comes from Denmark. Her dad is an engineering consultant and her mom is a technology manager. Her main interests are choir, reading, writing short stories and church activities. Ida sings in the Children’s Choir of the Royal Danish Academy of Music every Monday. She loves singing and was even on TV when her choir sang for the Queen’s birthday. She attends church every Sunday, and has afterschool classes to discuss the Christian faith. Ida is an “A+” student and would like to study anthropology and traveling. Her mom describes her as being a conscientious and hard working teenager. Ida has seen a lot about the U.S. on TV, and she now wants to be able to see what it is really like.

Marie is 16 and from Germany. Her mom is a teacher and her dad is a forwarding agent. Marie has a 12-year-old sister named Charlotte and two foster brothers, ages 9 and 14. Her town of Bad Sooden-Allendorf is famous as a spa destination, and has a history of producing and selling salt. Marie is an active Christian and would like to attend church with her host family. Her main hobbies are swimming, girl scouts, singing in choir, running, books, playing the guitar and reading. Her favorite subjects in school are history and English. She sings in the school choir. Marie has been a scout for eight years and a group leader for two years. Her group consists of eight boys, between ages 12 and 14. She helps set up the nativity scene at her church each year. Marie works part time at the local library. She also belongs to a swimming club where she trains younger members. She would love to join a swim team during her time in the U.S.

For more information about these students or other, call Julia (616) 796-0553 or fill out an application at www.stsfoundation.org.

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