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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

They’re going to take your guns away!! We have been hearing that for so many years but, strangely, it never seems to happen. I just don’t think that boogieman will scare many people anymore. Personally, I want some gun control. I don’t want unstable people owning guns and I don’t want anyone having the right to possess an assault rifle such as an AK47, a weapon made exclusively to kill people.

So, instead of trying to scare people so they vote for you, tell us what you have done for us such as medicare, social security, and the FDIC for example. Oh, not those, those were democratic ideas that you fought against. Well, your contrived war did bring democracy to the Iraqis, kinda.

And what will you do? Make jobs, that’s the big need right now, hire back the teachers so we can move up from 17 or 25 in math and science. But that would increase the deficit so that’s out. Reduce the deficit by taxing the super-rich? No, that’s a job-killer (another boogieman).

I think you must be running out of divisive issues to be trying gun control again. Mitt defused the abortion issue when he said,” I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose” and also the climate change issue when he said, “I believe climate change is occurring and I also believe that human activity is a contributing factor”.

Your last divisive bullet may be health care but that one will turn out to be a blank once people learn that, it too, is just another boogieman. We are number 41 in the world in health care provided but number 1 in cost! All of the other countries are providing better care at virtually half the cost. When Truman pushed for universal health care we were in the cold war with the USSR so anything associated with socialism was scary. You hired a PR firm that came up with the term, “socialized medicine” to scare and misinform Americans and it continues to do so. Canada does not have socialized medicine, neither does the UK, nor France, nor Germany, nor Japan, nor Switzerland, nor any Scandinavian country, nor any of the 40 countries ahead of us, and neither do we! There are two places where you can find socialized medicine: Cuba and the other is the VA health care system right here in the good old USA!

Gun owner,

Jude Collins


To the Editor:

Ah Independence Day! A day Americans celebrate the founding of our nation and the fact that we are lucky enough to live in one of the richest countries on Earth. So Independence Day was a little late in Manistique this year. Nonetheless, we should still remember who we are. We are a nation that supposedly cares about our neighbors. We help them when they’re in trouble. We’re a nation of laws. We obey the laws and respect law enforcement. But perhaps not in Manistique.

It was a lovely day for a parade. The hot spell had broken. The sun was shining and the wind offered a refreshing breeze. And yet someone in the parade had to remind us that even in this great country there are jerks!

About three-fourths of the floats, marchers and bands had completed the little over a mile route, when police halted a vehicle and told the driver to wait. He did. The police had stopped the parade to allow a mail truck into the Post Office driveway on Oak Street. Someone in the parade began to scream at the driver to get moving. Did you even think there might be a reason the driver stopped? Now really, do you think a vehicle would stop for no good reason? Do you really think the driver just stopped to annoy you? Did you ask if he was having trouble? Did you offer assistance?

All I’ve got to say to whoever you are – Gee thanks for making me proud to be an American and a Manistique resident – not!


Liz Hill


Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the voters of Schoolcraft County to vote “yes” to continue the upcoming Senior Center millage.

For its size, this center is one of the most active in the Upper Peninsula. From noon meals to potluck suppers, from cards to bingo, from the medical loan closet to the gift shop, this is your Community Center.

I am compelled to comment that I am personally grateful for the long distance transportation program. Without it, I could have had a much more serious eye problem than I presently have. Special thanks go to Dr. Shelly Baker and all the drivers, especially Kim who drove me home after surgery. Kudos to all of you.

Again I encourage every voter to vote “yes” to this renewal millage. It is quite probable that many other county residents may need the services in the not too distant future. Please vote “yes” to continue the funding for this valuable community resource.

Mary Lou Marx


Dear Editor,

Congratulations to Matt Weber and Manistique the 4th of July Parade! I am a native of Manistique and a WWII veteran of the Pearl Harbor attack and 20th Air Force bombing of Japan. I remember very fondly the Manistique parades I witnessed (and some of which I marched in as a band member) on such occasions as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Armistice Day.

It looks like Matt has set the bar pretty high bar at age 102 for us WWII veterans. Having recently attained age 90, that makes me feel very much like a junior member of this ever dwindling group of veterans.

Ken Schubring

Dunwoody, GA

Letter to the editor:

Nepotism. This word was defined in an article in the Pioneer Tribune three weeks ago. While reading the article, a bright light appeared. We, the residents of Inwood Township, have nepotism on our township board! We have five board members and three are related … sister-in-laws and cousin!

This is not right, and with the coming election, we need to change this! Now! Bill Anderson is right in what is relating from the board meetings. Now you know why! Please, as a responsible voting citizen, change this mistake by electing Kelly Silkworth and Kelli Stapleton. Then, none of the five will be related.

Karen Klaus

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