2012-07-12 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, you sure do not have to wonder if summer weather is here because for the last week if you work outside you should either be baked or broiled by now. If you were out on the lake in an open boat you are sure to have your yearly sunburn.

There seems to be a few more tourists moving around the U.P. so far this summer and this is great for those businesses that depend on the summer season to make a living. Hopefully this will be an above average season for them. Those who have never had their whole life and the livelihood of their family tied up in a family business have no idea what they go through.

Could it be that gas prices could have something to do with the fact there are more people running around. There are a lot of people that make the pilgrimage to the U.P. to spend the holidays. If you go by the number of cabins with people around them it should be a busy week out in the woods.

From the reports I have received the fishing out on the big lake has been pretty good this summer. If you go by the number of boats down at the boat launch there sure are a lot of fishermen out there trying to catch fish. They also have been doing above average on the smaller lakes up north. All in all the fishing has been pretty good this summer.

The successful bear hunters list has been posted on line so you can go there to see if you will be out there bear hunting this year. It is hard to believe that summer has just officially started and we are talking hunting seasons. With as dry as it has been and how this may affect the berry crop and other natural food for bear it could make for an interesting fall hunting season. It may take a lot more scouting to figure out just what to do this year.

Living in the U.P. makes one have just a little bit different outlook on life and how to handle their problems. One of these Yooper ways of handling a problem is as follows.

Yooper Security System

First off, buy a pair of 16-18 size work boots and place them next to your oversized rocking chair on the front porch. Then on the chair place a copy of a Guns & Ammo magazine with an application for a concealed permit on the floor near your size 16-18 boots. Then place some oversize dog dishes on the floor by the rocker with a copy of a training manual for pit bulls next to your boots. Then place a note on the door saying Eino and I went to get some more ammo so please don’t open the door and let our pit bulls out. We are just warning you because the mailman had a lapse of memory last week and opened the door to place a package inside and sure got messed up. We don’t think Killer was involved but it was really hard to tell, things were such a mess. So we lock all four of them in the house. Better wait outside until we get back. Teivo

It may be a Yooper way of doing things but it should prove rather effective.

In closing this week I have to talk about some things I wrote about before that hit home with a number of people. A while back I wrote an article, “Make sure you cancel your credit cards before you die.” I cannot tell you how many people have come up to me since I wrote that article to tell me about the problems they had with credit card companies after the death of a loved one. As I said when I wrote it, ‘At first I took it as a joke only to find out it can come true.” It also let me know how many people read the Tribune. Then on Monday Wifee and I were sitting having lunch in a restaurant where there were a couple of older ladies sitting with a teenage girl in a booth next to us. These two ladies were telling the young lady how life used to be back when they were growing up compared to how things are in our world today. As they went through their childhood Wifee had a hard time keeping a straight face and not laughing because it sure sounded like what I wrote about when my grandkids were up a few weeks ago. Life sure can be an interesting trip.

In closing I want to remind all of you that are enjoying the summer activities to make sure all your safety gear is available and in good working order. It really does not matter if you are on a small inland lake or out on Lake Michigan when you need it they had better be working.

Also go that extra mile to keep an eye on those using your ORV’s this summer.

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