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Did you have fun over the Fourth of July? Being on vacation, for the very first time, I didn’t walk the parade and throw candy. Family, along with me, headed to White Pigeon, Mich., to spend time with family. And oh what fun! We ate, drank and sweat, and I mean sweat. A temperature of 104 degrees is a little too much. My sister and hubby had recently brought a house on Fish Lake, so we spent the largest portion of the vacation in the water.

The weekend before traveling I was fortunate enough to travel down state with my Aunt (Vi Sebright) and Cheryl and Rae Ann Goudreau. The trip was planned to visit Aunt Lena Mae Gilroy, who by the way, asked that I tell everyone in Manistique “hello” for her.

Vi and Lena Mae, as sisters, had not seen each other in eight years. I can’t imagine not seeing my sisters in that long of a time. I was more than excited when they asked me to go, as Aunt Lena Mae had raised me for almost two years while my mother was ill with a nervous breakdown. I will be forever grateful to her! I know you are a reader of the Tribune, Aunt Lena Mae, and I want to say “Thank you, thank you, thank you” for what you did for me.

I do have to mention their trip to the eye doctors the next morning. Aunt Vi agrees to travel with her in the van, so off they go. The driver gets out assisting Aunt Lena Mae and Aunt Vi starts to get out on her own. Lo and behold, she hits the lock of the van with the keys still in the ignition. We laughed and laughed when they told the story. Ahhh, another memory to hold on to! All in all, you can’t beat time spent with family! I enjoyed the past week immensely.

Oh, oh, I am getting side tracked. Anyway I was out of town and I can’t thank Tina Syers enough for taking the time to fill in for me and seeing that the candy was handed out at the parade. A great big thank you goes out to the walkers, which were Cheyenne Schuetter, Chandler Husby and Chuck Schuetter.

The Center sincerely thanks Nathan Demers, manager at Hardees’ for the gift certificates for the walkers of the parade. A great big thank you also goes out to Marcia Loftus, Cynthia Melle and Lloyd and Lorraine Walter for the donation of candy for the parade. What a way to put a smile on a child!

With our Low-Impact Exercise Class finished for the summer, I thought I would share some information on Body Recall. This is a community wellness program that is offered by Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital. There is no prescription or referrals needed.

Body Recall addresses flexibility, strength, range of motion, balance, circulation and coordination as part of a whole body workout. The greatest part of Body Recall is it’s for everyone and all activities can be modified for anyone even if they have “challenging” body parts, such as a knee or shoulder. Classes are taught by an occupational therapist and certified Body Recall instructor.

The class meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 a.m. at the Presbyterian Church, using the ramp entrance. The person to contact is Stacey Cunningham in Rehab Services at 341-3254.

To attend, one must purchase a punch card worth of 20 sessions at $50, which is $2.50 per class. Couples are welcome to share a card. The best part of the class is the socialization between those that attend. Ask any of the gals that attend our Low-Impact Classes. Fun, fun!

Are you one of those “creative people” who others just love receiving a gift from? If you are, have you thought about selling your treasures in our Gift Shop at the Center? Do you know someone who might?

There are so many of you out there that do make beautiful items others would enjoy. You may not want to do a craft show, maybe you can’t physically do one and have no way of letting others know what you do. If you make quality merchandise we can sell at an affordable price, please call Cathy Wise at 341-3801 Monday thru Friday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The Gift Shop is juried, so you know the gifts are unique, maybe one-of-a-kind, and made to last. We also take special orders so you can have something made “especially for you!”

This is how it works. If your items fit in the shop, we display them for up to 2 months for sale. When sold, the Center receives 15 percent of the sale and the rest goes to you.

Not only are these items made in the USA, they’re made in Michigan, even better, made in the U.P.!

This is just one of the many activities the Center offers to you to keep you active and involved. We’re here for you! Come in and see what else may be of interest to you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Mark Thursday, July 19, on your calendar, as this is our next scheduled monthly potluck. Come at 4 p.m. and hear “Diamonds and Gold”. Dinner will be served at approximately 5 p.m.

One quick reminder, if you are in need of an absentee ballot form, please contact the Center at 341- 5923. The Center is asking for a renewal millage on Tuesday, Aug. 7, and are asking for your support!

Our volunteer driver, Robert Elecoate was all smiles when he dropped by the Center with his granddaughter, who was visiting. We ended up with smiles to, as Megan Lords treated us to some of her homemade cupcakes. Yum, yum!

The Center wishes to thank “Mudcat” (Ralph Burt) for assisting in getting our new flags up in time for the Fourth of July celebration.

Military donations were received by Mary Burns, Eris Webb and the Women’s Club.

Treasure and Trash donations were received from Mary Burns and Cathy Wise. A medical equipment donation was receiced by Sue Herbetreit and a miscellaneous donation was received by Sue Rembert.

We sincerely wish to thank each of you for your generosity towards the Center.

A monetary donation was received in memory of Irene Burley from Laura Lee Tegtman.

Maintenance and Support donations were received from Laura Lee Tegtman and Duplicate Bridge.

BRIDGE July 2: 1st-Bibi Duquette, 2nd-Audrey Savoie, 3rd-Larry Savoie, 4th-George Lowman, 5th-Hanna Mammen, CFC-Eris Webb. Hostess, Ann Willcock served orange mandarin cake, potato chips and bridge mix.

BRIDGE July 6: 1st-Chris Orr, 2nd-Doris Demars, 3rd-Bev Jahn, 4th-Helen Barton, 5th-Mary Lou Marx, CFC-Bibi Duquette. Hostess, Joyce LaTulip served chicken salad sandwiches, olive and nut sandwiches, chips and mints.

500 July 6: 1st-Ruth Jones, 2nd-Pat Clark, 3rd-Nancy Casey, Should’a Stayed Home-Teddy Bouchard.

Birthdays this week: July 14- Bill Jessick, July 15-John Robere and Frank Jerovec, July 16-Gordon Hamill, July 17-Ella Carley, July 19-Lorraine Segerstrom. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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