2012-07-12 / Community

‘Friends’ to disband

MANISTIQUE – In 1989, the Friends of the Manistique School/ Public Library formed; its goals were to stimulate interest in the library, to provide funding to expand and enhance the collection, to support the library financially, and to encourage and support other cultural and educational programs in Schoolcraft County.

Over the past 23 years, the Friends group has done just that, contributing thousands of dollars to the library to add to both its physical and e-book collections; helping pay for the library’s handicap-accessible bathroom and the kiosk in the children’s section; processing of incoming books – all that and more to benefit the library.

However, despite efforts to encourage new members, the Friends group gets smaller every year. In addition, as of last year, the newly-levied taxes from the city of Manistique, as well as all eight townships in Schoolcraft County, go directly to the library, greatly enhancing the library budget and eliminating the need for much of the friends’ fundraising activities.

With those considerations in mind, at its meeting on June 5, the Friends of the Library decided to disband. Its final “hurrah” will be this year’s Book Sale on Aug. 4. All proceeds from the sale will be designated to improve the library collection at Emerald Elementary, and the balance of the group’s budget will be turned over to the library to purchase books and e-books.

Old book donations can be dropped off at the library until Aug. 2. Encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest collections, or magazines are not accepted.

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