2012-07-05 / Community

Inmate dodges charges

Alger prosecuter won’t pursue murder charge

MUNISING – A prisoner accused of murdering a fellow inmate won’t face charges, according to the Alger County Prosecutor. The man, Andre Adams, is already serving a life sentence without parole.

On May 31, Adams allegedly murdered inmate Carlos Love at the Alger Correction Facility in Munising. Following an investigation by the Michigan Department of Corrections and the Michigan State Police, it was determined that Adams was chargeable with Love’s murder.

However, after reviewing Adams’ current conviction, prosecutor Karen Bahrman concluded further prosecution would have no effect.

According to Bahrman, Adams is already serving a sentence of life without parole stemming from a 2007 conviction of first degree murder in Wayne County. This conviction was affirmed in 2009, with no further appeals having been filed, said Bahrman, therefore, no charges will be brought unless and until there is a change in those circumstances.

She added that there is no statute of limitations on murder.

“While it goes against every personal and professional instinct to do nothing about a chargeable murder, the fact remains that we cannot obtain additional consequences for the prospective defendant,” Bahrman said.

Steps have been taken to insure that the Alger County Prosecutor’s Office will be notified should Adams pursue any further post-conviction remedies, she added, and that evidence needed to prosecute this case will be preserved indefinitely.

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