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Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago

July 5, 1962

• Seven youths aged 11 to 16, will appear in Probate Court this week on the charges of causing extensive damage to the Band Shell in Central Park. Public Safety officers said the youths broke 165 light bulbs, five windows, damaged a door, pulled wiring loose, threw rocks on the stage and spread waste around. The vandalism occurred during the past two weeks, mostly while the youngsters were swimming in the quarry nearby. Damage to the structure was estimated at well over $200.

• A Michigan Department of State survey shows that 98 new cars were sold in Schoolcraft County during the first four months of the year. During the same period 132,218 new automobiles were sold by dealers throughout Michigan.

• The National Park System may soon add a 332,000-acre gallery of fantastic rock sculpture to its eminent domain. If Congress approves, Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah will embrace a little known land of deep gorges, bizarre rock formations, and prehistoric Indian Cliff dwellings. The proposed park lies at the scenic heart of the Colorado Plateau region.

35 Years Ago

July 7, 1977

• A counterfeit $20 bill was discovered Tuesday, July 5 by an employee of the State savings Bank. The bill, which was passed through a local merchant in Thompson, surfaced at the West Side branch of the State Savings Bank and was discovered by Pete Widdis, who said the bill felt differently than the others. The bill was determined a forgery when serial numbers on the $20 did not match up.

• Wayne Richards recently captured a first place trophy for best van in the Chevrolet category at the Stroh’s International Frisbee Tournament and Truckin held at Houghton-Hancock. Richards won the trophy for best overall work inside and outside of the van. Part of the interior of Richards van includes a television, music center, refrigerator as well as handcrafted cabinets . Richards did all the work himself and was the only independent van decorated who placed in the contest.

25 Years Ago

July 9, 1987

• A lower Michigan couple’s plans for a trip through the Upper Peninsula were changed early last Friday morning when they were apprehended with a large amount of burglar tools, maps and notes on local and U.P. businesses. Public Safety officers Ken Golat and Roger Irie spotted the pair at 3:45 A.M. parked near the Senior Citizens Center with the trunk of their car open. Robert Vilet, 30, of Clio, and Susan Carter, 31, of Sty. Helen’s, told the officers they were out of gas, but a check discovered that Vilet was wanted as a parole violator from a down state breaking and entering warrant from Flint. Further investigation revealed burglar tools, notes on businesses and burglar alarms, indicated “targets” in the U.P., and a loaded .38 caliber revolver, reported stolen in a break-in at a Reed City furrier and found in the woman’s purse. Both were lodged in the county jail and charged with felony counts of possession of burglar tools, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession of stolen property and carrying a concealed weapon.

• Jim St. Louis, Manistique’s Public Safety Director for the past four years, is leaving August 3 to take a similar post with the City of Greensville , downstate.

10 Years Ago

July 3, 2002

• A group of Manistique’s young thespians is at it again. While school is out for the summer, they have put together an independent performing group called Enigma. Under that name, they’ll be staging a “traveling” version of the classic stage musical You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, later this month. Overseen by Ellyn and Bruce Plackowski, Enigma will perform the shows at three Upper Peninsula locations. Each of the shows will benefit local charities.

• Rev. Peter Minelli was honored with a farewell dinner at the St. Francis de Sales Parish Center on Saturday, June 29. Minelli is retiring and returning to his hometown of Gwinn.

• The shortage of family doctors in Schoolcraft County will ease a bit on July 15, when Dr. Joseph Glasheen begins his practice at the Manistique Medical center.

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