2012-06-28 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, we have passed the longest day of the year so this means we are now officially heading towards winter so you had better get out and enjoy the nice weather. We are having better weather up here than in some parts of the country. Some parts are under water while other parts are in a drought. The funny thing is that in some areas these two conditions are not that far apart.

We are now into the heart of the summer camping and fishing seasons. There are a good number of happy fishermen out there that have been doing rather well on both Bay de Noc and some of the lakes up north.

I guess the big thing now is for everybody to have their own kayak. I figure, and haven’t really decided yet, I will take up kayaking right before or after I take up golfing. For some reason I have never been impressed with the idea of someone the size of a small whale who would have to grease up his body to slip into a kayak going out on a lake. In fact, I haven’t set them side by side, but I think my shoe size is just about as big as some of the kayaks I have seen.

Then there is the fact that people have told me of their adventures of fishing from a kayak. It seems that there has been those that when fishing from their kayak have hooked either a big pike or a large bass and been towed around the lake until the fish just got wore out from trolling around the lake with a human in a kayak.

Then too maybe you can explain something to me. Here we are suppose to all be willing to save the planet by buying one of these “green” cars that are just about the same size as a kayak. So you do this to do your part.

But then come vacation time to head north for a camping trip. Here is the poor man of the house who is suppose to pack four kayaks, four mountain bikes, two tents, four sleeping bags, all their camping gear and life jackets and paddles, along with the food for a week, into a vehicle that is so small that when the whole family is in it at the same time they have to take turns breathing.

Now I ask you would this not be an interesting vehicle to be behind crossing the U.P. on US-2.

There also has to be something wrong when some of these people could use their tent for a garage for their car during the winter.

There are a lot of deer moving around out in the woods so if you are traveling the back roads keep your eyes open and be alert. Wifee and I have also observed a lot of turkey moving around in the last week. Some of these were quite a way up north too.

I also read where a motorcyclist hit a deer on his motorcycle and was killed. He was not wearing a helmet and had head injuries.

I hear there has been a bear spotted around town. Maybe it was just passing through but if not if you see it let me know.

If you are going out in the woods the ticks and mosquito’s seem to have tapered off, but the flies in some areas are making up for it. If you get in some areas where I was this week you could do a study on all the different types of flies that will find you in no time. All those from what we called horse flies to deer flies to those little pesky ones that just swarm around your head and bug you. Of course there is probably a reason a bug is called a bug, so it can bug you.

In closing this week I have to tell you about how the changes in times can get your attention real quick. Back when I was growing up it seems we left our shoes off for most of the summer. It could have been for the fact you only owned one pair of shoes at a time back then. This and the fact if you never wore them they seemed to last longer.

But either way you ran all over bare foot and your feet got so tough that nothing seemed to bother you unless you stepped on an old board with a nail in it, and this did happen a time or two.

But fast forward to our world today, not only do you not go barefoot anymore but you for some reason own more pairs of shoes and boots than you can count. This and the fact that for some reason you never figure out how to wear more than one pair at a time so why did we go from one pair we didn’t wear to so many pair we may never get around to wearing them all once a year.

Then again you find out how wimpy one has become when going from not wearing shoes all summer to being too lazy to put some on when you go out to get the dog. In doing this you step on a pebble so small you can hardly see it and it hurts so bad you think you may die of excruciating pain shooting through your foot.

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