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Senior Center

On Tuesday, Aug. 7, the Manistique Senior Citizen’s Center is asking for a renewal of 0.4697 mills for a period of five years. I want to stress that this is only a renewal. Actually it is down a small portion from a previous millage of 1/2 mills. For example, a home with a taxable value of $50,000 would be charged 23.49 per year. Most of us donate that amount (or more) throughout the year to a good cause and the Senior Center is one of the finest examples of a good cause in the local area. The $23.49 would generate $155,635 per year for the Center.

Funds are needed to continue to offer the many services and activities that the Senior Center provides. When the Center opened in 1978, there were over 26 employees due to the different work programs that were available, such as CETA. The Center now has a Director, Connie Frenette and an Assistant Director, Carol Ford. Carol and I are the only full-time employees at the Center.

The Center has three part-time employees from funds obtained from UPCAP Services, Inc. These are funds that can only pay wages to those going into the elders homes doing services such as Homemaker Aide, which is housekeeping. The amount for funding through UPCAP Services, Inc. for this year totals approximately $25,410.

The only other monies received are donations from individuals, as the Center lost their $10,000 county allocation in 2004 and lost the funding for senior center staffing in 2006.

The Center also has one other part-time employee, Vera Cones through the MI Works Program.

Losing funding throughout the past several years is what made the decision to run for the millage in 2004. When Anderson, Tackman & Company did the county audit the Center was showing a deficit amount of $564.

Although the staffing has been cut tremendously over the past several years, the Center still has been able to offer a wide variety of services and activities, some of which include:


• Homemaker Aide Services (Housekeeping)

• Long-Distance Medical Transportation

• CAA Noon Meal Nutrition Program, Housed out of the Center and provided by Community Action Agency

• CAA Home-Delivered Meal Program, Housed out of the Center and provided by Community Action Agency

• Homestead Property Tax, Rental and Heating Credits, which generated $12,330 back into our community in 2011.

• Information and Referral Services

• Foot Care Clinics, 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, by appointment

• Hearing Aide Services

• Weekly Column in Pioneer Tribune, Senior Issues

• Monthly “Timepiece” Newsletter

• Telephone Reassurance, a call is placed daily for those living alone.

Senior• Flu Shot/CenterPneumoniaad 052012:Clinics

• Life Line Screenings

•Closet,Schoolcraft County
• Outreach Services
• Foster Grandparent Meeting
• AARP Driver Safety Classes
• Senior Companion Meeting
• Odd Job Worker List
• Educational Classes and
• Check Book Balancing/Filling
out Forms, by appt.
• One-on-One Assistance with
Problem Solving
• Grief Support Group
• Project Fresh Program
• Free Food Distributions, as
money becomes available
• AARP Tax Aide Site
• Elder Law Assistance
• Creative Writing Group
• Craft Group
• CBC Bake Sale, 100 percent
Party raised goes to CBC
• Raffles-fundraiser
• Annual Fall Open House Picnic, meal/entertainment/drawings
• Paper Recycling-fundraiser
• Annual Christmas Party, meal/
entertainment/ drawings/ picture
with Santa/gift exchange-optional
• Medicare Visits/Favors
• State Bingo-every Tuesday at
1:30 p.m.- fundraiser
• Bridge
• Euchre
• 500 Card Playing
• Pinochle
• Monthly Potlucks/Entertainment • Variety of one day and overnight bus trips
• Low-Impact Exercise Group
• U.P. Senior Convention
• Annual Hotdog Roast
• Military Packages
• Craft Bake Sale/Bazaar
• Library/Free Book Exchange
• Craft and Gift Sales-Center
profits 15 percent, Seniors 85 percent The above services, along with
the Center Director trying to cover
duties in the office, in the community, services in Germfask and most
activities that take place outside
regular business hours can make
not enough hours to accomplish
what is needed. The upcoming
millage would make a possibility
of hiring another part-time worker
in the office. Nothing wrong with
dreaming, right?
Did you know the Manistique
Senior Center is one of only three
Senior Centers in the U.P. that is
not owned or ran by another governmental agency. That says a lot
for the support the Center receives
locally. The other two agencies are
Marquette and Baraga. If the Center was owned or ran by another
agency in another county, it would
become a satellite of that county
and the senior center staff could
very likely be directed to “float”
among various sites.
Approximately 29.1 percent, up
from 25 percent five years ago,
of the population of Schoolcraft
County are age 60 or older. This
means the Senior Center services
and activities are open to serving
approximately 2,469 elders, up
from 2,225.
Support received from individuals and businesses are what make
Layoutthe Center2 5/a 18/reality.2012We9:are56 extremely AMfortunate to have such a

nice Senior Center in such a small community. We are hoping for your continued support in the upcoming election. Remember to vote, your vote counts!

If you are in need of an absentee ballot, please contact the Center at 341-5923 and a volunteer will see to it you receive one.

Anyone needing a ride to the polls may call 341-5923 for 286- 3347.

Do you like fresh veggies or fruit? We still have Project Fresh coupons available for those age 60 or older who reside in Schoolcraft County and have an income below $20,147 for an individual or $27,214 for a couple. Booklets have $20 worth of coupons that can be used at any Michigan farmers’ market. Coupons are good through Oct. 31, 2012.

Where are you? We still have a few boxes of free food to distribute for anyone age 60 or older. You must reside in Schoolcraft County. I am sure there are seniors in the county which should take advantage of both of these programs. Spread the word for us! For more information on either program drop by the Center or call 341-5923.

We have invited Life Line Screening to the Center once again. Mark your calendar for Saturday, Sept. 15. You can preregister by calling (800) 324-9458. When registering we ask you mention you were referred by the Manistique Senior Center staff as the Center is listed in the “Helping Hands” program.

The buses are starting to fill. I know it is a ways off, but we have to have time to make all the arrangements, including getting the tickets to the show so we can all sit together. Let me go over the details one more time.

On Friday, Oct. 12, the Center will take a Public Transit bus to the Fab Four at Chip-In Island Casino in Escanaba. The bus will depart from the Senior Center parking lot at 4:30 p.m., allowing time for dinner or playing. The show begins at 8 p.m. The bus will head back to Manistique, directly after the show. The cost is $30 per person.

Friday, Dec. 14, we will once again take the Public Transit bus to Chip-In Island Casino in Escanaba for the “Broadway Spirit of Christmas” show. The bus will depart from the Center parking lot at 4:30 p.m., allowing time for dinner or playing. The show begins at 8 p.m. The bus will head back to Manistique, directly after the show. The cost is $35 per person. This bus trip is filling very fast, so don’t hesitate.

Please sign up as soon as possible. For further information call the Center at 341-5923.

Some gift give away items for our upcoming events were donated by: Carol Anderson, Cindy Tennyson, Guerda Frenette, Ken Gillingham and Mabel Patz.

Donations donated towards our millage ads were received from: Sally Schuetter, Betty Harding, Ralph Ellis and the November Craft and Bake Sale Committee.

We sincerely thank you, as we are not allowed to use any general fund monies towards the millage. Prices of ads run from $168 to $625.

The Medical Loan Closet received donations from: Claire Ellis Family, Gert Warren Family, and Phil and Brandy Adams.

The “Treasure and Trash” table received a donation from Glady LaFord.

Military donations were given by Marlyn Noffke, Judy McEachern and Pam Mulligan-Tallman.

Polly Merrell and Vi Sundling gave craft donations.

Judy McEachern dropped by with a donation of candy for the Fourth of July parade. Rita and Bruce Rossier dropped by with their monthly donation of cupcakes. Yum, yum!

If you saw the rain coming down, and saw Jackie Bruce out working diligently on the flowers, you would have thought I was a slave driver. Honestly, she did this on her own. But don’t they look nice. She has worked hard putting mulch down and putting in a few more perennials.

Monetary donation were received in memory of:

• David Carlson from Dolores Gould

• Ken Thorell from Dolores Gould

• Dave Carlson from Jean Flodin,

• Gert Warren from Curtis and Lucille Norton, Ron and Sharon Snyder, Ron and Sue Klick, and Elaine Hartman

• Ruth Robere from Bill and Nancy Cheney.

BRIDGE June 18: 1st-Nancy Brown, 2nd-Audrey Savoie, 3rd-Sandy Petrille, 4th-Larry Savoie, 5th-Doris Demars, CFC-Bev Jahn. Hostess, Helen Barton served zucchini bread with cheese spread, cherry desert and candy.

BRIDGE June 22: 1st-Sandy Petrille, 2nd-Joyce LaTulip, 3rd-Janice Redeker, 4th-Judy Rodgers, 5th- Julie Hoholik, CFC-Bibi Duquette. Host, George Lowman served apple square desert, cheese and crackers.

BRIDGE June 25: 1st-Judy Rodgers, 2nd-Sandy Petrille, 3rd-Larry Savoie, 4th-George Lowman, CFCAnn Willcock. Hostess, Joyce Lesica served coffee cake and cheese puffs.

PINOCHLE June 20: 1st-Nancy Casey, 2nd-Peggy Beckman, 3rd- Winnie, Should’a Stayed Home-Pat Clark

500 June 22: 1st-Don’a Nelson, 2nd-Cathy Wise, 3rd-Sheila Haskins, Should’a Stayed Home-Teddy Bouchard.

Birthdays this week: June 28-Pat Flint and Ray Swanson, June 29-Clifford Demers, July 1-Nancy Walters, July 4-Dick Berger, Shirley Westphal, and Carole Gould and June 5-George Fish. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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