2012-06-28 / Community

‘Old Drug’ program gets grant

LANSING – The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality recently awarded the “Yellow Jug Old Drugs” program a $77,125 grant. A total of $250,000 in funding was awarded through the Michigan Community Pollution Prevention Grant Program for the development of ongoing household drug collection programs.

The Yellow Jug Old Drugs program was started by Great Lakes Clean Water, a nonprofit organization, in May 2009. Yellow Jug Old Drugs is a program that works in partnership with local pharmacies to collect and properly dispose of unwanted/unused drugs in a safe and approved manner to help keep our water clean. Individuals can dispose of unused/unwanted drugs free of charge at participating pharmacies. Participating pharmacies help support the program to provide this important service to their communities.

A total of 40,373 pounds of unused drugs has been collected to date. Collected drugs are taken to a Waste-to-Energy facility for proper disposal. The Yellow Jug Old Drugs program is the only drug collection program in Michigan that is available statewide. Currently, there are 220 participating pharmacies all across Michigan

“This grant will be tremendously helpful in increasing awareness of the importance of safe and proper disposal of unused/unwanted drugs to help keep our water clean and also enables us to implement several projects that will have a long-lasting impact,” said Chris Angel, president of Great Lakes Clean Water Organization.

The Michigan DEQ grant funding will be used to:

•Produce Video and Radio PSA’s to be broadcast on TV and radio stations as a community service.

•Adapt informational material for accessibility for persons with disabilities.

•Work with local substance abuse prevention agencies to educate citizens.

•Outreach to Michigan pharmacies and pharmacy students.

The full draft work plan for the project is available at www.greatlakescleanwater.org.

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