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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This concerns the “40 Bar” and the memo “RE: 40 Bar Parking Lot Restricted to Business Parking Only” that was distributed by the Manistique Department of Public Safety to the “Residents of South Second and South Third Streets” and “Construction Workers/Hebert Construction”.

I was one of the (three that I saw) vehicles parked in your lot for two days. I live downstate and came home last Monday (June 11) afternoon to my parent’s home on South Second Street in order to attend a funeral and I left on Wednesday just before noon as the notices were being passed out.

Unfortunately, the construction on South Second Street and West Elk Street left no access to my parent’s home and also no place to park on the street due to the construction on both streets. Both my mother and I had to move our vehicles to your parking lot late Monday to get out of the way of the ongoing construction on the streets. There were no other parking options available on the street. Neither of us really wanted to park in your lot or even that far away from their home. I apologize if I inconvenienced your business because I parked in your lot during those two days. I do not dispute your right to do what you did and have the police post signs on cars and go house to house on South Second and South Third Streets distributing the flyers letting everyone know that they could not park in your lot unless you were a customer. However, you seem to have forgotten something important. The city arranged to have South First Street and South Second Street finished at the same time as West Elk Street in order to keep the businesses (yours included) open and suffer as little disruption to your business as possible. Right now, the people of South Second Street are suffering the necessary inconvenience required to get their street repaired so that your business will be able to remain open during the remaining and difficult time of construction ahead. Residents on the other streets around you will also soon be suffering the necessary inconveniences in order for the construction to be completed. It appears to me from how you handled this situation of displaced people parking in your lot, that you believe that you should suffer no inconvenience at all during the entire construction period or endeavor to help those who do. During this time of construction everyone will suffer inconvenience at times in order for the construction to be completed. No one in the construction area is exempt from experiencing some inconvenience. Everyone is just doing the best they can to keep moving their cars out of the way of the construction so that it gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It seems that you could have handled this situation in a different and much better manner. Brian J. Nelson

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank all the people on First, Second, Third and Elk streets for all their consideration with our parking problem during the construction that is being done on our streets and water lines. It will be a great improvement to Manistique when it is all done. It will be worth the mess.

No thank you to the Herbs 40 Bar, as they do not want anyone other than customers or employees of the business parking in their huge private parking lot.

Thank you Hartman Excavating for letting me park in your lot.

Joanne Nelson


Dear residents and workers:

This letter is to inform you that the parking lot of “The 40 Bar” at 100 South Second St. is restricted for use by customers or employees of the business. The parking lot is not to be used by residents or workers in the construction area.

I know that the ongoing construction is causing some inconveniences for all of us, but our local businesses cannot have their parking lots filled with non-patrons. These lots are private property and Public Safety will issue tickets if violations occur. Thank you for your patience with the construction and please remember that we will have some very nice streets when all of this work is done.


Manistique Public Safety

Director Ken C. Golat

(Originally released as a notice to residents of South

Second and South Third Streets, constructions workers, and Hebert Construction.

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