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Dear Editor;

This is the 20th year our committee has organized the local Independence Day celebration, which this year will include the annual Kiddie Parade on Friday night, July 6th, and the big parade and fireworks on Saturday, the 7th. This would be impossible without the financial support of local businesses, organizations and individuals. We are thankful to the City of Manistique for providing Public Safety and DPW services that are absolutely essential to our celebration every year. However, neither Schoolcraft County nor the City of Manistique has the resources to provide us with any direct financial support, which means we are almost entirely dependent on individual and business donations. In recent years, our costs have increased to the neighborhood of $14,000.00. Our two largest expenditures are bands and fireworks.

These events are very popular with not only local residents, but also many family members and tourists who visit our area around that time. We hope anyone who enjoys the festivities might consider supporting this year’s celebration, by making a donation, as we could not do this without the support of our community.

Please send donations to: Nancy Irie, 543N Intake Park Road, Manistique, MI 49854

Thank you in advance to everyone who helps to support this year’s celebration, and we hope everyone has a great time.



Diane Carlson , John Wood

Nancy Irie , Shirley Gardapee

Richard Ketcik , Chris Rantanen,

Guerda Frenette,

Debbie Kneff, Tom Kneff

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