2012-06-14 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, we are getting into real Yooper summer weather where it can be 30 degrees colder along the lake than it is up north in the woods. It is that time of year when you can get a super tan sitting out on the water in an aluminum boat. I guess it is one thing a new fisherman learns real quick is how bad you can get burned out on the water while fishing.

Last weekend was a great one for kids with the fishing day out at Camp 7. There were a lot of activities for the kids to take part in, food to eat, and I think just about every youth went home with a prize. They had some great items for the kids to win even if for most kids the prize is not as important as just winning something in a contest.

This week we honor our fathers and I guess I was really blessed with the one I had. I can give my dad credit for pointing me in the right direction in so many things. It was with my dad I learned to love and respect the outdoors. Along with this was learning the value and fun of having a “hunting camp”. Now a “hunting camp” can be anything from a tar paper shack to a modern home out in the woods. But they are sure fun to enjoy.

My dad always had time for his kids and went out of his way to let us enjoy what God blessed us with up here in the U.P. I guess he proved that you do not have to have a lot of money, and “things” to raise your kid’s right and have fun together.

It was just a standard thing for grandpa, dad and me to get a ring of dog (bologna), some crackers, and go off on a Saturday adventure. Do you realize how many things you can do with a ring of dog meat (bologna)? You can just slice it to eat with crackers or you can cut it in chunks and roast it over a fire. You would have had to grow up with a dad like I had to realize how he could make an adventure and fun out of so many things.

I still have a number of things that dad used when I was with him that have really no value but the memories of dad and the fun we had. There are so many kids that are growing up without a dad at home it has to be a real challenge for mom. If you should be able to take one of these youth growing up without a dad in the house, out to enjoy the great outdoors you would both enjoy the time spent together. They need it and you would have a great time.

If your dad is still around give him a hug and tell him you love him. Then thank him for all he has done for you. It would be worth way more than anything you could go out and buy for him. I sure wish my dad was here so I could tell him this, so enjoy yours while you can.

I was talking to someone this past weekend that had been meeting with people from the Hiawatha National Forest. They were trying to get them to loop some of the ORV trails together so they could make a round trip while out riding and not have to double back on the same trail. They felt it was like talking to a post for all the headway they seemed to make.

I told him what I was teasing some ORV riders about the other day.

I had told them that the Federal Government was going to require all ORV’s to be equipped with a GPS so they could download them to see where you had ridden your machine. Then if you had ridden off the trails or on an unauthorized trail you would get a notice in the mail informing you of this.

I guess with all the equipment they have on the ORV’s now you would have to be a rocket scientist to figure out if they were a car, truck, or an ORV. Then you would have to figure out just what rules apply. Do the regular motor vehicles rules apply on these new ORV’s with all the equipment? Do the old ORV’s apply? Or are these new side by side ORV’s with all the equipment they come with now in a whole world of their own. I have no idea.

In closing, Monday morning at 6:15 I was going by the Towers when “something” came out of the brush just a ways down from the Towers and crossed US-2 into the trees right after the State Police Post. I assume it was a real healthy coyote. If it was a coyote it was a nice large one and in great shape.

Now if I recall a coyote is suppose to run with its tail down while a wolf runs with its tail up. If so it was a coyote.

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