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Flowers, baskets and plenty of ‘thanks’

The flowers are watered, the lawn is mowed. The scrubs have all been redone. A great big thank you to Community Corrections, under the direction of Tony Grahovac, and Jackie Bruce and Gail Glendon from Project Petunia for all your hard work. Jackie and Gail made sure we got all the supplies, including the flowers to redo the flower beds.

We also need to thank Tony and his crew for their assistance in helping with the “sudden” water leak. And one more thank you goes out to Angie Drouin who happened to stop by and picked up a mop and gave us a helping hand. Mudcat (Ralph Burt) has also given the Center a helping hand recently.

A great big thank you, thank you, thank you goes out to each and every one of you!

We are still accepting items and/ or postage for military packages. This project has a special place in my heart, especially when I have a nephew (Jake Smith) in Afghanistan. He, like many, has received a package and I would like to share the letter he sent me. I will try not to tear up as I think of him overseas. Here goes:

“I would just like to thank you and all the wonderful people at the senior center for all your love and support throughout my deployment. I just wanted to let you know that everyone I work with and myself really appreciate everything you guys do. Without your support it would make our mission just that more difficult here. I just ask that you please keep supporting all the other men and women who keep our nation safe because your care packages do make a huge difference to us. Again I ask that you thank everyone back home who has supported us. Sincerely, Jake Smith.”

Lucille Boyd, Kristen Anderson and Delores Gould recently dropped off items for the military packages.

I want to share some information with you that I found in another senior newsletter, which I found to be very interesting. The article is “Outpatient or Inpatient? “ What you need to know about hospital and admitting status.

Observation is a word used by Medicare when you do not meet the required guidelines for hospital inpatient status. You can be put in a bed, in a hospital room and receive hospital services but you have not actually been admitted. Even if you stay for days and you can be considered outpatient; and even more confusing; during your hospital stay you may have both observation days and inpatient days. Did I confuse you yet?

The difference is what Medicare will or will not pay for your hospital stay. If you are an observation stay, you may have to pay a co-payment for each service you receive and usually you will be charged for prescription and overthe counter drugs that you receive including those you have been taking before your hospital stay. You or a family member need to ask: “Am I being placed in observation status or am I on inpatient status?” This is especially important when you leave the hospital you are admitted to the nursing home for skilled care or rehab services.

If you have been on observation status, then those days do not count toward meeting the three day hospital requirement and Medicare will not pay for your nursing home stay and you will have to pay from your own resources. So, ask the question and avoid the surprise for unexpected hospital bills and charges.

We are now accepting a waiting list for our upcoming Sept. 12 and 13 overnight Kewadin St. Ignace/ Hessel/Soo bus trip. I encourage you to get your name on the list, as we have had cancellations on most trips. To do so, call the Center at 341-5923.

It has been suggested I try to get a large bus. I was informed it would cost the Center an additional $1,761 for 10 people due to having to pay mileage to bring the bus from down below. I don’t think that is going to happen.

We are excited! The Senior Center now has a lap top computer available for use thanks to the Hoholik family. It was purchased in the name of Geraldine Hoholik. If you would like to use it there is a very simple process. All you have to do is stop by the office and sign it out and sign it back in on return. It is only available for those wishing to use it within the building. A great big thank you to this family for thinking of the Center at such a sad time.

A thank you goes out to Mary Burns and Sally Henry for treating everyone on the May bus trip. Everyone enjoys a “special” treat.

Ken Gillingham has been found sneaking into the office to fill the candy basket for “peanuts”. I am sure many of you remember the orange “peanut” candies. They seem to disappear fast!

Jean Flodin has been furnishing all of our candy bars and potato chips for bingo recently. Thanks, Jean!

Marge Fountain donated some very nice pictures to be used for some of our upcoming raffles and Fronia McKenzie has donated plants for give aways.

The Amity Group, Fritz and Ray Nelson and Audrey Newborn gave miscellaneous donations. Alice Lewis and Kristin Anderson dropped in with “Treasure and Trash” donations.

Deanna Fish donated rhubarb and “Jim and Linda” gave a nice donation of asparagus. Theresa Neville donated a beautiful handmade necklace for one of our giveaways.

Cathy Wise dropped by with a “Treasure and Trash” donation and items for the military boxes.

Pauline and Ron Frans gave a generous donation of red peppers for all to enjoy! Thanks, Ron and Pauline! Grant and Ruth Taylor shared their rhubarb.

Cliff Dyer shared his talent once again. Cliff dropped by with a handmade “beaver” birdhouse. You will get a chance to see it in one of our upcoming raffles.

Phyllis Frankovich and Stacey Kheinowski donated items to the Center’s medical loan closet.

Monetary donations were received in memory of:

• Emma Hardy from John and Jackie Moulds.

• Ruth Robere from John and Jackie Moulds.

A monetary donation was received from Joe and Clara Bosanic.

BRIDGE June 8: 1st-Larry Savoie, 2nd-Joyce LaTulip, 3rd- Bev Jahn, 4th-Eva Wendling, 5th-Eris Webb, CFC-Judy Rodgers. Hostess Sarah Bignall served magic cookie bars, nuts and candy.

PINOCHLE June 6: 1st- Carl Sundling, 2nd-Marie Sellman, 3rd-Chris Keener, Should’a Stayed Home-Geri Hinkel.

500 June 8: 1st-Sheila Haskins, 2nd-Char Turek, 3rd- Peg Beckman, Should’a Stayed Home-Alice Lewis.

Birthdays this week: June 15- Bill Morden, June 16-Carol Anderson and Gil Studinger, June 20-Dolores Gould and Char Turek. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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