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The ‘good old days’ in the outdoors

Well, the two grandkids are still here and grandma and grandpa have survived. Life can be so interesting when you stop and think that when I was their age, it was way back in the 1950s. Needless to say, a few things have changed.

We spent some time up at camp and as those of us that grew up with Yooper weather know, it was no surprise when we had to build a fire to warm things up. Only up here can you freeze one night and cook the next. But at least we got enough rain to make a difference. In fact, there has been enough rain to make a few bugs show up.

During doing things with the grandkids grandpa is always making remarks about back when he was a kid.

They usually go something like this. We have a Dairy Queen cone and grandpa says, “You know back when I was your age we only paid five cents for a small cone and 10 cents for a large cone.” We then get some night crawlers to use in fishing that cost $3 a dozen. Here grandpa says, “Back when I was a kid you only paid 25 cents a dozen for crawlers.” So goes on and on as the week goes by.

Then we get where we get talking about hunting and fishing and using the boat, four-wheeler, and everything else you need a permit or license for. You tell them about the “Good old days” before all the licenses and permits and they do not really comprehend how it is and was.

Did you ever wake up in the morning and wonder what more could be added to the shoulders of outdoor lovers? This story tries to cover what a normal, red blooded; Yooper sportsman has to put up with now. Then if this doesn’t make life hard and interesting enough they are coming up with early, late, special, permit deer seasons. Thank goodness there are none in our area yet. I suggest you pick up your hunting and fishing guide early so you can study it for awhile before you ever enter the woods. For some reason it seems like it is getting more and more like the “easy” IRS guide for our taxes?

Then maybe you had better find a lawyer buddy to hunt and fish with so he can help you figure out all the licenses, seasons, and special hunting regulations. If he can’t, all I can wish for you is “Good Luck.”

By the way, this falls under, “Did you know?” The card you now send in for a doe permit is no longer a permit to shoot an antlerless deer! It is now a permit to purchase another license so you can shoot an antlerless deer.

Now let me see, a bear permit gives you the right to purchase a bear license if you are ever lucky enough to be successful in the drawing. Then a turkey permit that gives you the right to purchase a turkey license. Then the doe permit gives you the right to purchase a doe license. A small game license. Then there is the state duck stamp. This to go along with the federal waterfowl stamp. Now a regular firearm deer license to go along with your archery deer license.

At the time this was typed you could still get a second deer license. This so you could still walk around in the woods during firearm deer season if you wanted to carry that $700 rifle you only get to use a couple of weeks out of the year. Remember “It’s the law now” that you have to be in possession of a valid kill tag to carry a rifle during deer season.

Then you can always take another gamble in life and try for an Elk permit. Don’t worry you will never have to purchase this license. But while running around in the woods you may want to do a little trapping, so get a trapping license also. Then remember the most worthless license there is here in the U.P. an ORV sticker that you get absolutely nothing for. But maybe one of the greatest moves ever made by the legislator was already covered in this chapter up above, two licenses for your snowmachine.

Oh, you say you use a boat to get back where you hunt and camp or fish? Also remember where and how to place your bow hunting scaffold and now your firearm scaffold also with your name on them. Then make sure you have your name on your waterfowl blind and your ground blind for deer hunting.

Also remember your camping permit and the trailer license for the trailer you use once a year during deer season. And then there are all the special fishing regulations but maybe that is for another time.

I’m sure I may have missed a few things that may have just fallen through the cracks, but after all you have to remember that I am more than 60 and it is hard to keep track of all these ever-changing things, but there are around 25 licenses, permits, or rules to worry about in just this list.

Life is no longer as simple as it was once and it is rather hard for youngsters to realize how it used to be. But maybe the youngest grandson said it best when he said, “Grandpa I wish I grew up back when you did!”

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