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Fish Report

Wildfires, rain, and more

Well, it finally came our way and we have had a few nice rain showers this week and we sure needed them. I guess as long as I can recall this has been one of the driest spring periods we have had. The rain we got sure was needed and it came at just the right time with it being a holiday weekend.

It sure was a mess up north with the fire they had north of Newberry. I guess there has always been the irony of life whenever an act of nature such as a forest fire takes place. You will always have the “what if” or the “if only” this or that had taken place or been done just maybe things would have turned out different. But it is a fact that we humans do not really control a lot of things that take place even if we may think we are in control.

Having run around in so many areas with my job and then with my books I came to know a lot of people. Years ago I used one of my articles in the Fish Report to tell about the Rainbow Lodge at the mouth of the Two Hearted River. I always said that if you could not afford a Canadian backwoods fishing trip the next best thing would be a vacation to the Rainbow Lodge.

Now it reads the following on the Rainbow Lodge Website: Rainbow Lodge is located at the mouth of the Big Two Hearted River in the Upper Peninsula. It overlooks Lake Superior - the “Big Sea” of the North Country. The 34 mile drive from Newberry or 30 miles from Paradise will take you into the heart of the Lake Superior State Forest. The beauty and romance of Hemingway’s Big Two Hearted is yours when you relax at Rainbow Lodge, now celebrating its 40th year in business. Rainbow Lodge burned to the ground this weekend in the Duck Lake Fire.

Richard and Kathy Robinson are safe. It is a real shame when someone loses something they have their whole life tied up in. This was the case with those involved with the Rainbow Lodge.

This was not the only structure or business lost in this fire so a lot of people are hurting. Some may be replaced while others will probably never be with the way things are in this day and age. There are a lot of stories and rumors’ floating around about what is taking place in the fire area, but like in most cases you would want to check out the facts before you believe any rumors you may hear. There are a lot of people that give all they can whenever something like the Duck Lake Fire takes place so always remember that those that use 20- 20 hind sight to try and figure out what may have happened or what could have been done different have an unfair advantage.

There is not one single person working on a forest fire like this that wants to see someone’s personal property destroyed and will do everything possible to stop it. But it is a fact under the right conditions man’s efforts means little in combating nature’s fury.

Some local items of news: I had mentioned the fact that this year shows signs of being a bumper year for ticks. This past week when I was checking out some fishing spots with the grandkids we returned to the truck. I got into the driver’s seat and went to start the truck and all of a sudden told Wifee, “Wow!” and jumped out of the truck. In looking down it looked like my pants legs were on the move! When I got out I removed more than 20 ticks from my legs. The grandsons got out and removed at least another 15 to 20 from the two of them. So if you are out doing some fishing or hiking be careful. Also if you have dogs be extra careful in checking them for ticks.

It seems there are more and more people getting involved in Kayaking all the time. In my travels I have checked on and been impressed with a newer type life jacket they have out. It seems they have a life saving device out now that you wear that amounts to nothing but should you have a problem and end up in the water it is water activated and becomes a life jacket.

I have looked at a couple in Jay’s Sporting Goods and like the idea and the way they worked. The only major drawback to the average person using this type of device is the price. Like a lot of things that would be a real plus for those using the outdoors when they first come out they are cost prohibitive but later the price comes down where the average person can afford to purchase them. Hopefully this will be the case here, too. I have always felt that you can never be too safe when out on the water.

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