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Fish Report

A trip to Florida; keeping up with the grandkids

Well, I don’t care what anyone says, I will take this U.P. type weather any day rather than that 90 some degree weather where it is even too hot to breath. At least up here if you take a breath, you can feel that cool air and enjoy the feeling that air was meant to breath.

Of course one thing that hasn’t changed in the three weeks I was gone is how dry it is out. There have been a few fires around and with the camping season now getting into gear with the holiday weekend upon us, be careful out in the woods.

The one real problem with all the dry weather we have had while I have been around is that it sure makes it hard to pick a few night crawlers to go fishing with, seeing some of the grandkids are up.

While down in Florida this month, they were having a real problem with lightning strike fires in the area. Sometimes it was nothing to have a dozen or more fires after a lightning storm went through. I am always amazed how you can have a lightning storm with a monsoon type rain and have fires start. Wouldn’t you think that the heavy rain would put out any fire that started? However, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

So if you are out in the woods, just be careful with any fires you may have.

It is really strange, but, in Florida, the gas prices are just about the same as ours. Coming north, gas prices were down around $3.35. This was until we got a ways up through Illinois, where it went up to around $3.65 and pretty much stayed there. It is one of those things in life we do not really have too much control over, so I guess there is no use worrying about it.

I have to mention something that happened while down in Florida ,and this will be the last thing. While down with the daughter and her family, I mentioned one evening that I wondered what the movie “War Horse” was like, and if we could watch it as a family. Believe it or not, they got a copy of “War Horse” and we watched it. In this day and age, I was totally floored when in the whole movie, there was no swearing or any scene you could not watch as a family.

I guess, once in a while, someone can still make a movie one can sit, watch and enjoy.

We have two grandsons up here with us, and so I guess it is that time of the year when those of us who are members of the “overthe hill” gang try to keep up with youth for a few days. One thing is for sure, they never seem to run out of energy.

They either want to go fishing, go to camp, go down on the boardwalk or out to Roger’s Park. At my age, I get tired after just listening to all they want to accomplish and have to take a nap. It has been so long ago since I had as much energy as a 10-yearold has. I guess I forgot what it feels like. At my age, I usually limit myself to one project per day, only to find out that a daily project, for some reason, usually turns into a day or two project.

There is one thing about having a 10- and 12-year-old around, and that is you never stop laughing. We have spent so much time laughing, we had tears in our eyes. I guess one of the best ways to forget all the problems of the world is to spend time with some youngsters who are young enough to not know any problems and just have fun.

I have to close with this story that got us laughing so hard the other night.

It seems our grandson’s dad had a problem with a barking dog, so he got a shock collar set up to shock the dog when he barked. Needless to say, when he barked and realized the penalty he soon changed his mind about barking.

Now, I have said before we were a lot smarter than kids are today, but then I have to wonder.

It seems that, one evening, the grandson was sitting at home and the shock collar was there so he got checking it out. He held it up and pretended it was on his neck, like it would have been on their dog’s neck. Then he made a serious mistake and barked like a dog!

Guess what? The shock collar worked great! But the results left something to be desired.

When he acted out to grandma and me what the results were, we could not stop laughing. Wifee and I sure have been blessed with our kids, their families, and now our 12 grandkids.

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