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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Congratulations Big Bay de Noc Drama cast, once again you brought awe and wonder to the fortunate people in your audience. Having a child in these programs for the past 6 years I have heard firsthand the comments from those same people during intermission, after the play and for the weeks following. “How does a school this size put on a production like this”? “How can there be so much talent in such a small school”? “I’ve been to much bigger schools with many more kids in the play and they don’t compare to these productions”. These are just a few of the questions I have heard. The answer is simple. Any school is capable of this type of success, with the right people supporting it. Not enough can be said about the dedication of Theresa Root, Bob Root and Lisa Radebaugh. Theresa and Lisa expect nothing but 100% from the kids and the kids rise to the occasion. The more you expect of the kids the more they will give you. With Theresa and Lisa’s guidance they artfully pull from each student capabilities even their parents never knew they possessed. But yet these two women see their potentials from the moment they audition and put them in the roles they were born to perform. I don’t think people realize how much time is put into these productions. It isn’t just the 8 weeks of rehearsals and set building we are running our kids back and forth 6-7 days a week. Plans are being laid, set ideas are being conjured and other musicals are being attended around the state for many months prior. In my eyes, Bob Root’s ability to transform this gym into a complicated staged theatre is nothing less than amazing. The thought that he must put into designing, building and implementing these sets leaves me astounded. But, even these seemingly super humans, can’t do it alone. Supporting them like a pyramid spreading out underneath are countless volunteers. Music directors, choreographers, costumers, publicity managers, house managers, concession group, artists, builders, alumni backstage crew and the list goes on and on. All these people don’t just help out. They give their all, their best, their precious time and their heart to these productions. And why do they give everything they have in a volunteer effort? Because the people they are supporting are also giving “everything”. See, not only do Theresa, Bob and Lisa bring out the best of our students; they bring out the best of this community. I am proud of my daughter and her accomplishments with this group and thankful for them allowing her to experience something so special during her teen years. In a couple weeks she moves on to the next chapter of her life and I am comforted by the knowledge that she is better prepared for the challenges ahead. For some people self confidence, poise and awareness of one’s own gifts are learned on the stage. These things will never be taken away from her.

Joy Bloom


Dear Editor,

I would like to make a correction to a letter to the editor that was published two weeks ago. I submitted an article concerning the size of the woodlands demolished at one site due to clear cut logging. The site I referred to is just east of the Gun Club about nine miles north of Manistique off M-94, and is accessible from a logging road just south of the Gun Club entrance or off of the High Rollaways Road. I stated that it was approximately 160 acres that had been clear cut but after having it evaluated by others, the actual approximation is closer to 400 acres at that one site. My question is the same, for the many reasons I stated, couldn’t these sites be broken up into smaller sections? Must we demolish such vast forests for fifty years in the future? Call the DNR at (906) 452-6227, ext. 240 or leave a message with the secretary. The State forests are your forests and the DNR says they never hear from the populace. Let your voice be heard.

Raymond Leali


Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my disappointment with the Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility. My parent’s home is in Garden Corners and they have received much of their basic health care needs in Manistique. My father had dementia and end-stage renal disease (kidney failure) when he was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer in February 2012. Recognizing the terminable nature of his disease, he was discharged from dialysis on April 24, 2012.

Our family attempted to care for dad at home with the help of hospice, but we came to realize his health care needs were more than we could provide. The dementia, toxins, and cancer were impacting his brain, causing agitation and anxiety. We contacted Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility regarding nursing care for dad and were advised that dad’s agitation may disturb other patients at the facility; therefore, services were denied.

We contacted another facility outside this service area and dad was placed on their wait list as all their beds were full. The social worker could not understand why services were being denied by Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility when space was clearly available. He advised that we contact Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility to determine what is needed in order for services to be provided. Dad’s medical doctor contacted the Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility’s social worker and provided assurance that dad was not a risk to other patients at the facility. Shortly following a family meeting with the social worker and the doctor’s submission of dad’s admission paperwork, we were advised of management’s decision to deny service as dad posed a “fall risk”.

A member of the local medical community had previously advised us to seek services elsewhere as the Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility has been denying services to a number of local citizens in need of nursing care. WE contacted Christian Park Health Care Center in Escanaba where they had one bed open and upon review of the doctor’s admission paperwork and the hospice nurse’s noted, they admitted dad for care that same day, May 4. Dad passed away just six days later.

The quality of care provided by Christian Park Health Care Center staff was outstanding. With the nursing staff addressing dad’s healthcare needs, the family was able to enjoy quality time with dad during his final days. We are forever indebted to Christian Park Health Care Center for their service in our time of need.

May 13-19 is National Nursing Home Week. As I reflect upon our experience with Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility and learn from others that we are not alone in the denial of service during our time of need, I feel compelled to share our story with the Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners and the citizens of this service area.

It is my greatest hope that the county board will make an inquiry into the management practices of the Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility which is currently not fulfilling its mission of service to the residents of this community. The citizens of this community have the right to expect quality nursing care for loved ones during our time of need. I sincerely hope the sharing of our story results in a change to better serve the citizens of this service area. They deserve better.


Renea L. Ranguette

Janesville, Wisc.

Dear Editor:

Once again, I must open my “Book of Praise.” This time, the compliments go to the Big Bay de Noc drama club for their presentation of “Annie.”

Oh, it was given with such greatness one would think they were on Broadway. Thanks to all for some great entertainment.

P.S. The dog did wonderful!

As ever,

Jean Selling


Dear Editor,

In Nazi Germany, Jews were depicted as vermin often with ratlike features including a large nose. Such hatred was in the Echoes of Ruby cartoon in the May 10th paper. Finkleschnitz, obviously a German name, has a large nose, weak chin, rat ears, thin arms ending in claw-like hands. The man behind the counter has regular features as he represents Germany. A Germany which used the excuse of needing more land as a reason to occupy its neighbor nations in Europe. Hence, the McReal Estate. No, that is not a lightning bolt on the front of the counter. The sign is the ensign of S. S. troops, a Nazi arm of military terror. So here we have a German Jew, being told by Nazi Germany, he no longer needs to be seen.

What is the point? Is this a justification of the holocaust? Is the cartoonist laughing at your readers with the confidence he can draw anti-Semetic hatred and no one will know? Did you not know what the cartoon was about? Did you know and print it anyway?

You have the right to print such vileness, but you also have the responsibility to determine the direction of the Pioneer Tribune. The loathfully lonesome road of anti- Semetism is probably not where you want to go.

Disgusted and Confused,

Karen Bradway


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