2012-05-10 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, we are into the season where the days warm up a little and most of us that enjoy a little gardening are getting an itch to get started. But when you stop and remember it is only the first part of May there are things you can do to get started. But there are other things you cannot do yet with the unpredictable weather we have in the U.P., but at least we are getting closer.

I have been going through one of those adventures that we all have to put up with that really makes one enjoy the U.P. all the more. I have told people that live in other parts of the country, “You have more cars at one intersection than we have in our whole county.” This may be a little exaggeration but not much.

Then there is the fact that in these same places everyone wants to go everywhere 80+ miles an hour. Now I figure if they had just left the house fifteen minutes earlier they could have drove a sensible speed and got there at the same time. I guess life in most parts of the country is just traveling too fast for this Yooper.

Then I have to wonder just how it was always a bummer to have to get up in the morning in time to go to work, but it is all right to get up at the same time each morning to go golfing with your buddies after you retire. Speaking of golfing while we were down here there was a seventy-five year old golfer who hit his ball over near a pond on the golf course. When he went over near the pond to look for his ball a large gator latched on to his leg. If it hadn’t been for his buddies he was golfing with guess what this gator would have had for breakfast. Just another reason I would not golf.

Wifee and I are down in Florida checking out our new granddaughter. She is about the size of an overgrown peanut which is so small you are scared she will break. I guess when you get my age you cannot remember back far enough to recall your kids ever being that small.

I guess your age really shows when you had your kids during the age of cloth diapers. Did you ever stop and think that it was a miracle that we even survived according to all the “exspurts” of today. According to all these exspurts my mom and dad never did anything right. But yet we were never sick, never had all the issues running rampant in today’s world. Maybe it is a good thing we were raised this way.

You see we managed to graduate from high school without the use of computers, cell phones, I-pods, and all these gadgets that are supposed to make you all knowing and a whole lot smarter than we were. But of course we managed to go out and get a job, support our family, pay our bills, and have a good life without all these modern gadgets.

But then again we were the generation that grew up playing outside (which has become a lost art in itself) and getting dirty. We roamed through the woods, went fishing down at the river, collected frogs, built forts out in the woods, or building a raft out of old logs on a pond that when you were all done would not only not hold you and your buddies up, but even had trouble floating above the surface when empty, and we just had fun out in nature’s gift to the U.P. making up our own adventures.

Maybe by doing all these things and having fun with things you found or someone else’s cast offs we learned the true value of life and how it should be when we became the adults in this country.

Just maybe we are the last generation that thinks a dad and mom should work for what they have and what they get and do without if you cannot afford something.

Just maybe we are the last generation that thinks “if you don’t work you don’t eat” and if you cannot afford steak on your income you have hot dogs with macaroni and cheese, just maybe we are the last generation that does not expect the government to buy the steaks for you if you cannot afford them on your income.

Just maybe we are the last generation to think we are blessed beyond all our wildest dreams when we just get to sit on the front porch in the evening, listen to the birds and frogs sing, catch a glimpse of some wildlife and feel we have climbed to the top of that mountain of life. Just because we can sit here and not have all those big city problems cluttering up our minds, having to worry-worry-worry about all those things really we have no control over and can do nothing about.

So as summer approaches just get out that summer chair, haul the camper out to the lake, or head out to the cabin, and just relax and say a big “thank-you” for all you have and pray those like our new little granddaughter will be able to enjoy at least some of what we have gotten to enjoy in our lifetime.

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